It is important to plan for the future. Planning for the future means contemplating the right time to move into a Life Plan Community, a living option that encourages an active independent lifestyle. This decision may come with a lot of questions and maybe even a little bit of apprehension. Some people try to stay at home for as long as they can, waiting until they need to make a move and already require some assistance. However, other people decide earlier on in their retirement years to move into specially designed communities, called Life Plan Communities, which provide an engaging independent living lifestyle along with a full suite of services in the event that a resident’s health needs change.

Bhakti Gosalia with Sun Health Communities offers seven reasons you should move to a Life Plan Community sooner rather than later:

Bhakti Gosalia of Sun Health Communities.

1. New friends

It is easier than ever to meet new friends and remain social when you live in a Life Plan Community. Residents can open their door and walk down the hallway to see and get to know new friends or meet up at any one of the numerous onsite social activities. An active lifestyle with a full social calendar can help you stay happy, healthy and thriving well into your retirement. With so many social opportunities, you can avoid ever feeling lonely or isolated.

2. Resort-style dining options

Say goodbye to complicated meal prep and washing dishes! Many Life Plan Communities have restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner – as well as convenience shops, coffee bars and lounges for everything in-between. These communities often accommodate a variety of dietary preferences, as well, whether your restrictions are due to an allergy, sensitivity, or personal choice. Professionally trained chefs will take all of the guesswork out of keeping your nutritional requirements met, your stomach full, and your cravings satisfied. However, if you still would like to cook for yourself from time to time, many residences come with a fully equipped kitchen so you can indulge all your cooking whims.

3. Spend less time doing chores and home maintenance

In addition to not having to cook for yourself, in a Life Plan Community, you also do not have to be bothered with everyday chores and home maintenance. Everything from changing lightbulbs to taking out the trash is taken care of. That gives you more time to enjoy the entire suite of services and activities provided by the community, such as Zumba classes, social gatherings or Bocce ball.

4. Waiting can limit rate and qualification options

Some Life Plan Communities have varied rates depending on the status of your health at the time of your move. In the event you are applying for a community that requires a qualification process based on existing health, moving in sooner may guarantee you a spot rather than waiting until you develop health needs that may require further professional care.

5. Moving while still fully active provides more opportunities to enjoy all that is offered

Moving in while you’re still active gives you more time and independence to experience all the communities have to offer. Almost every Life Plan Community offers activities ranging from social gatherings, dance nights, cooking classes and more! Many residents state they are happy they moved in while still fully able to experience every activity and amenity to the fullest. You might even discover a new hobby that you can grow and expand upon with all of your newly acquired free time.

6. More time to spend on your favorite hobbies and activities

Many people think that once you have moved into a Life Plan Community, you must stop working, volunteering or partaking in your favorite activities. However, you can continue to enjoy all your pastimes for as long as you want. In fact, you might even find that you have more time to spend on your interests once you do not have to bother with the day-to-day routine of food preparation, maintenance and daily chores. You could also discover a new hobby, pick up something you did not feel like you had time to do earlier in life or even find additional purpose in volunteering with the many options provided by retirement communities.

7. Access to healthcare if needed

Planning ahead can save you a lot of time and money, if and when you should need to take advantage of health services such as assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing or rehabilitation. Many Life Plan Communities offer a continuum of care, so when you move in, you can rest knowing should your needs change, there is a team of health care professionals available to help. You can also breathe easy knowing you will not need to rely on your loved ones to take on the burden of planning for your care or taking it on themselves. When researching Life Plan Communities, look for communities offering a lifetime guarantee for medical services.

Sun Health Communities owns and operates three Life Plan Community locations: Grandview Terrace, La Loma Village and The Colonnade, as well as the innovative Sun Health At Home program, allowing individuals to successfully age in-place in their current home. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed pace lifestyle, a thriving social scene, or easy access to amenities, Life Plan Communities can make life a lot easier. For more information visit