March 9, 2020

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7 ways a DNP improves health of patients

Nursing is a noble profession. For centuries nursing has contributed massively in forming a health care system that benefits all people. They have now started contributing to the health care policy development as well. Usually, you would do a bachelor’s in nursing, and for more knowledge, a master’s in nursing was thought to be enough. But with the rapid advancement in the educational zone, there is a lot more to offer. 

A doctorate in nursing program has been introduced. These programs offer a lot more than knowledge or more clinical experience. It gives you an edge over the regular nursing students. You study policy-making and can advocate for the rights of the nursing community. It makes you a leader among your fellow workers. Moreover, it adds a lot to improve the health of patients as well. We have jotted down a few ways a DNP contributes to the health of patients.

They cut down costs

Several studies have shown that professionals practicing nursing have shown to cut down costs a patient has to bear during regular visits and medicines. They provide patients with low-cost medicines during acute diseased states. Moreover, they provide the essential primary care a patient required much more efficiently and at a low-cost in comparison to other health care workers. 

Most important primary care providers

Nurses have been trained for primary health care. They focus more on the preventive care of patients. They also provide basic health care facilities to everyone on a very friendly budget. Moreover, if you want to be one of the leaders in the nursing community but would not want to compromise on your clinical duties, you can apply for online msn to DNP programs and study while still providing health care services to patients.

They provide treatment to the whole patient and not just the disease

Nursing goes beyond just checking your blood pressure or prescribing your basic treatments. The advance studies like masters or a doctorate program have enabled nurses to not only diagnose the patient and treating their condition. It is has gone beyond that they address the patient’s emotional needs counsel them with the right diet and exercise plans they also address the issues that can hurt the patient’s progress in the treatment of any disease. For example, sometimes cultural and social norms affect the wellbeing of a patient. Nurses can be of help by counseling the patient and easing their stress by talking about it with the patient helping him to recover sooner.

They can treat patients without supervision

Contrary to the old laws, nursing now has become so advanced. Especially after being educated in masters or doctorate programs, nurses now are very well trained and can provide healthcare services and treat the patients without the direct physical presence or supervision of doctors. This also gives confidence to patients that the nursing community knows what they are doing and is trained to do so.

They spend most of the time with their patients

Nurses are spending most of their time with the patients, unlike physicians or other health care workers. That has a positive impact on the wellbeing of patients. They are always available to handle the patient’s need to be it urgent wound dressing or counseling the patient during times of desperation and emotional crisis. This is why they are trusted by the patients and can handle complex situations and treat the patient more efficiently.

They are easily accessible

Recent developments have shown that giving full authority to the nursing community in terms of providing health care services has proved to be very useful. They reduced barriers in the way of nurses practicing independently has led to more quality and cost-effective health care. Even people living in rural setups have now gotten access to basic health care services because of the increased number of nursing community members serving across the whole country.

They provide treatments even at home

Nurses are available at all times to treat and take care of the patient at home. When a person falls chronically ill and does not have the energy and resources to even visit a nearby hospital, these professionally trained nurses are at their service. This eventually cuts down the patient’s regular visits cost, and also, the patient gets access to treatment at the comfort of his/her home. The nursing profession has proven to cut down the number of patients hospitalized because of the care they can provide at home.

In Conclusion

The nursing community adds a lot to the wellbeing of humans. The recent advancements that have led to nurses practicing independently because of their immense knowledge and experience are of primary importance. These things not only add to the patient’s wellbeing by not only cutting down their hospital expenses but also providing them with cost-effective and faster quality treatment. A DNP would not only work for the betterment of the nursing community by influencing policymakers or advocating their rights. They also affect the patient-nurse relationship a lot in trying to cut down problems that can arise.