A new study finds Arizona is the No. 4 state leading the anti-vaccination movement with 5.80 percent of kindergartners being exempt from critical vaccines.  Mississippi for contrast has the lowest percentage of exemptions at .10 percent.

As a result of this movement, 20th-century diseases that were all but gone are coming back including 1,002 cases of mumps and 1,022 cases of the measles as of June 2019. Prior to the measles vaccination in 1963, 90% of Americans were infected by age 18.  After the vaccination was released, it was effective 97% of the time in preventing the disease. 

E7Health.com today released a study analyzing the Outcomes of the Anti-Vaccination Movement using the latest data from the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control.

Five states with the most exemptions:  Oregon (7.6%), Idaho (7.08%), Alaska (6.44%), Arizona (5.80%), Wisconsin (5.41%).

• Five states with the least exemptions: Mississippi (.10%), West Virginia (.16%), California (.73%), Indiana (.87%) and Alabama (.91%).

• 47 states allow exemptions for religious beliefs and 17 states allows a wide range of “philosophical” exemptions.

• The World Health Organization identified the anti-vaccination movement as a top 10 threat to global health.