Trinnovate Ventures, Inc., a new organization focused on accelerating healthcare innovation, has partnered with four companies and is seeking additional proposals for consideration.

Trinnovate Ventures, which launched last year, aims to improve quality of life, increase efficiencies and enhance the overall healthcare experience for consumers and providers through strategic investments. The company provides business resources, offers access to capital and strategic assets, fosters business development and advances the business incubation cycle for emerging population health solutions and services.

“Through Trinnovate Ventures, we’re looking for ways that change the way healthcare is delivered– not only to increase efficiencies for providers, but to ultimately improve the lives of patients,” said CEO Dr. Vishu J. Jhaveri. “We’re already underway with four new partnerships that have great potential to provide measureable improvements in healthcare and health services.”

Current partners receiving funding and resources include:

·       ACO Partner—a joint venture between McKesson and Trinnovate Ventures that leverages McKesson’s physician engagement, care management, population health services and technology. ACO Partner brings Maximum Services Organization capabilities to independent physician practices. It is a physician-centric organization that works with all payers, providers and patients to create value-based care models. ACO Partner is working to improve the patient experience and the health of the population, while reducing per capita cost of care.

·       VisionGate—a biotech company dedicated to saving lives through early disease detection and prevention of lung cancer. VisionGate’s first commercial product, LuCED, is a non-invasive test to aid physicians in the early detection of lung cancer. VisionGate also has exclusive rights to Iloprost, which helps stop the advancement of the disease.

·       MedMinder—a pharmacy that provides a unique dispensing system to simplify medication management and improve adherence. MedMinder empowers seniors, the chronically ill and people with disabilities to maintain their independence and avoid long-term care facilities and hospitalization.

·       Vision Care—a company that provides comprehensive eye services and products at discounted prices with the mission to make eye care affordable and eye health a priority whether a consumer has vision insurance or not. Vision Care is dedicated to making high-quality fashion and brand name eyewear more affordable.

In addition to these established partnerships, Trinnovate Ventures is actively exploring arrangements with specialty physician groups to improve access for patients in the lowest cost setting, such as home infusion for specialty drugs. Other opportunities include vision and dental care at the worksite. 

Trinnovate Ventures’ desire is to work with healthcare delivery systems; specialty healthcare businesses, including vision, dental, medically necessary cosmetics and workers compensation; and those that have a national or international reach. 

Trinnovate Ventures is accepting new proposals now, which will be measured on their potential for:

1.     Improvement in health outcomes

2.     Strategic value and monetary efficiencies for providers and consumers

3.     Financial return

To be considered, proposals must include detailed information about the product or service, description of the company and explanation of value to customers. Proposals should be submitted to

Dr. Jhaveri adds, “As we look to close gaps and strengthen outcomes in the healthcare industry, the potential innovation Trinnovate Ventures can help spur across the U.S. and the globe is exponential. We’re excited to see what takes shape.”