Phoenix-based Ashion Analytics, a CLIA certified and CAP-accredited molecular cancer testing laboratory, has announced its launch and the availability of its flagship product, the Genomic Enabled Medicine (GEM) Cancer Panel™, to assist doctors in treating patients with cancer.

Ashion Analytics provides precision medicine testing and genomic interpretation services for oncologists and their patients. Ashion Analytics also provides genomic testing services to support research and pharmaceutical customers.

The Ashion Analytics GEM Cancer Panel™ is one of the most comprehensive and advanced molecular cancer tests available to oncologists today. This large cancer panel covers the coding regions of 562 cancer-related genes, and also captures copy number events and structural variations. By employing state-of-the-art tumor (somatic)-germline subtraction technology, the GEM Cancer Panel™ approach uncovers true tumor events.  Advanced annotation is also coupled with pharmacologic treatment options, thus the GEM Cancer Panel™ produces a detailed genomic analysis of a patient’s cancer.

Ashion Analytics provides GEM Cancer Panel results in an industry-leading turnaround time of two weeks or less. A team of oncology physician experts — each with subspecialty expertise in a broad range of cancer types — is available to provide physician support by consultation.

For hospitals, universities, research and pharmaceutical customers, Ashion Analytics can provide a means to tap the information of the human cancer genome. To support research studies and clinical trials, Ashion Analytics provides expanded whole exome sequencing with its GEM-GWTM test, which also includes analysis of copy number events and structural variation, as well as RNA sequencing.

Founded and led by internationally recognized doctors and scientists whose innovations in clinical genomics helped launch the field of precision medicine, Ashion Analytics is dedicated to accelerating the use of genomic testing to provide patients with refractory, recurrent or rare cancers new and more precise treatment options based on the genomic analysis of their tumors.

“Our understanding of genomics today is fundamentally changing the way we view and treat cancer, and we believe the future holds even greater promise,” said Michael Demeure, MD, MBA, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Ashion Analytics. “As a physician who continues to treat cancer patients, I see every day the critical need to develop better diagnostics as well as new, more effective, and less toxic treatment options. This unmet need drives all our efforts at Ashion Analytics.”

Dr. Demeure is an internationally acknowledged expert in treating endocrine, pancreatic and gastrointestinal cancers. He performs over 300 major operations annually, and has led an active research lab for over two decades focused on using the latest technologies to develop novel biomarkers and drug targets with a goal of improving the treatment of pancreatic and gastrointestinal cancers. He is regularly recognized as one of “America’s Top Surgeons” and annually since 2001, one of the “Best Doctors in America”.

Ashion Analytics™, LLC. is a subsidiary of Ashion™ PMed Management, LLC.

“We believe a higher form of medicine is at hand that will provide medical institutions with the means to use the very latest in genetic technology to improve the lives of their patients,” said Edgar Staren, M.D., Ph.D., MBA, CEO for Ashion PMed Management, LLC.