Axolotl Biologix today announced that it has begun shipping its second amniotic allograft product, AxoBioMembrane™, to meet a wide range of wound care needs.

Axolotl Biologix, an innovator in regenerative medicine technologies that improve patient outcomes with less pain and lower costs, developed AxoBioMembrane, a dehydrated human amniotic membrane allograft that helps accelerate and improve soft tissue repair, while helping inhibit bacteria and infection, inflammation, and scar tissue formation. Containing extracellular matrix components and providing a natural biological wound barrier, AxoBioMembrane offers many clinical applications in wound care for surgical, orthopedic, podiatric, ophthalmic, maxillofacial and other applications.

AxoBioMembrane is available for order immediately in three standard sizes 1×2 cm, 2×3 cm, and 4×4 cm, as well as custom sizes which may be ordered.

“Launching our second new amnion-derived product so far this year, we are excited to be rapidly building a portfolio of regenerative treatment products that provide significant improvement in patient outcomes, while delivering high value for clinicians,” noted Bob Maguire, founder and CEO of Axolotl Biologix.