Sonora Quest Laboratories, Arizona’s leading diagnostic laboratory, announced it will continue to provide the same timely, quality COVID-19 testing solutions it’s always provided even after the Public Health Emergency (PHE) ends on Thursday, May 11. The end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency will greatly impact costs and accessibility for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) testing. Sonora Quest is here to help its patients navigate these new policies and changes.

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“The in-state COVID-19 positivity weekly averages are still showing double digits,” said Sonora Quest Senior Director of Business Development, Tom Leggett. “Even though COVID-19 is out of the headlines, it’s still in our community. It is important that our patients and providers continue to have access to the testing and services they need even after May 11.”

Insured Patients

Insurance companies may be changing coverage for COVID testing, including frequency of testing and patient eligibility requirements. Patients must now be symptomatic or have suspected or known exposure to COVID-19. They may also be responsible for copays and/or deductibles. Additionally, insurance plans are no longer required to provide coverage for COVID-19 testing when performed by an out-of-network laboratory. Patients should speak with their health plan provider to understand changes to COVID-19 testing access and costs.

Uninsured Patients

Sonora Quest will continue to offer no-cost testing to those who are uninsured and qualify for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Increasing Community Access to Testing (ICATT) program. ICATT is only available to those who are symptomatic or asymptomatic with known or suspected exposure, as it no longer covers high-risk uninsured individuals without symptoms or exposure. Sonora Quest is the only lab in Arizona contracted to continue to offer free testing through ICATT.

All Patients

Regardless of insurance or eligibility, all patients can schedule a COVID-19 PCR test through My Lab ReQuest™ without a provider’s order or insurance for $100 at

To check eligibility and/or schedule an appointment for COVID-19 testing at one of nearly 60 Sonora Quest’s Patient Service Centers located throughout Arizona, including select carside locations, visit