March 19, 2018

Michael Gossie

The MORE Foundation accredited as a CME

The MORE Foundation (Musculoskeletal Orthopedic Research and Education), a nonprofit organization that envisions a world full of active people, announced it has received accreditation as a Continuing Medical Education (CME) granting organization from the Arizona Medical Association (ArMA). This designation makes The MORE Foundation the only 501(c)3 foundation in Arizona to be CME accredited through ArMA.

“The MORE Foundation has a history of hosting nationally renowned instructors who provide educational opportunities in the lecture hall, as well as provide hands-on surgical training in laboratories,” said Dr. Marc Jacofsky, Executive Director, Research & Education of The MORE Foundation and Chief Science and Technology Officer of The CORE Institute. “Thanks to this accreditation, The MORE Foundation will be able to grant the same form of medical education credits for instructional medical courses as those granted by major university medical centers.” 

The accreditation is expected to result in several new CME options becoming available to physicians and medical professionals. In addition to Arizona, The MORE Foundation already has courses planned in Michigan, where The CORE Institute also has facilities and medical professionals.

Physicians and other medical professionals are required to take CME credits in order to stay current with best practices and maintain their board certifications and medical licenses. 

Those who would like to host a CME granting course at The MORE Foundation, or have a course accredited by The MORE Foundation, may contact the organization at 623-241-8724 or by visiting

With the support of its initial sponsor, The CORE Institute, The MORE Foundation is a no-profit organization with the goal to Keep Life in Motion®. The Foundation has pioneered innovative orthopedic programs, developed new technologies and spearheaded breakthrough research to advance the understanding of musculoskeletal and neurological care. MORE is expanding its innovative research programs and is receiving national and international news coverage for using 3D printer technology to create prosthetic hands for children in need.