At a time when the insurance industry is seeing a wider variety of plan availability, types and packages, Launch Financial has announced the release of its Outlook Gap Plan powered by Pivot Health — the ultimate insurance supplement.

A one-stop-shop for complementary deductible coverage, this gap plan is the first of its kind. It embeds death benefits, accident and critical illness benefits, and free teledoc services (which average $40 per “visit”) into a single package. As of August 1, Outlook Gap Plan will be available in seven states – Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Oklahoma and Illinois.

“There’s a void in medical health insurance created by recent changes around the Affordable Care Act,” says Charles Truhlar, director of Launch Financial.

Medical insurance is increasingly a moving target, especially the popular plan of low payments with high deductibles that cost an individual, on average, $6,500 a year.

Changes to the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employee Retirement Income Security Act have also brought an increased need for a gap plan.

Proposed DOL rules will require advisers to act in the best interests of their clients. This includes giving individuals all the tools they need to be financially solid in the event of an emergency.

“Our focus is to encourage preventative, not reactive, care,” Truhlar adds. “We don’t want people to avoid seeing a physician due to the cost of their copays.”

Supplemental insurance helps cover deductibles, medical bills, mortgages or any other need in the event of an accident or critical illness. This allows individuals to focus on recovering their health, not the money needed for their bills.

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