This May, Gobiquity Mobile Health™, an award winning mobile health diagnostics company based originally in Aliso Viejo, CA, will relocate its headquarters to Scottsdale, where they will join the growing number of health and technology companies in the city’s “Cure Corridor.”

Gobiquity launched their flagship innovation, GoCheck Kids™, last year, the world’s first and only pediatric vision screener on a smartphone, incorporating a cloud-based HIPAA compliant platform that screens a child’s eyes for risk factors that lead to vision loss.

GoCheck Kids was created for use by pediatricians to facilitate the early detection of amblyopia risk factors (ARFs) for children aged 6 months to 6 years, the period when traditional vision testing is least effective.  Amblyopia is the leading cause of visual impairment and vision loss in children. Approximately 15% of children have risk factors for amblyopia and it is completely preventable with early diagnosis, yet less than 20% get their vision tested; a disparity that’s even greater worldwide.

“We are very pleased to be joining a business and tech community as vibrant as Scottsdale,” said Gobiquity CEO Andrew Burns.  “We intend to grow and thrive here, expanding our mobile suite of products and services to deliver significant benefit to physician practices and children locally and throughout the country.  Aligning our business goals with the resources afforded by Scottsdale is strategic and exciting.”  

Gobiquity designs and develops clinically efficacious mobile technologies and SAAS based services to increase practitioner efficiencies and improve clinical outcomes for patients. Gobiquity’s product suite and pipeline addresses pediatric diagnostics as well as adult primary care, collectively a multi-billion dollar market opportunity.

GoCheck Kids is making the process of testing young patients simpler and significantly more cost-effective. As a direct result, more kids are being efficiently tested and those at risk are readily identified, directly impacting and improving their lives and health. 

By joining DeskHub in Scottsdale’s rapidly growing “Cure Corridor,” Gobiquity will be in excellent company, helping to drive the region’s innovation economy while introducing new technologies and creating job opportunities. The company anticipates expanding their Scottsdale-based team, both in business operations as well as mobile and image science research and development.

“Gobiquity is a natural fit in the growing Scottsdale Cure Corridor,” said Scottsdale Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane. “The rise of the medical technology market sector in Scottsdale is directly related to the strength of the current companies which have created a vibrant and rich culture of healthcare, technology and bio-life science professionals in our community. Attracting top talent, Scottsdale’s Cure Corridor has over 28,000 bio-life science professionals working collaboratively to educate, research, conduct clinical trials while delivering world-class care to patients nationally and internationally.”

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