Interactive Health today announced the winners of the 2012 annual “Healthiest Companies in America” awards. For the sixth consecutive year, Interactive Health is honoring companies for creating a culture of health by prioritizing employee health through outcomes-based health management programs.

The 72 honorees are organizations nationwide that attained a company-wide low health risk status while achieving high employee participation in their wellness program. The selection process analyzes clinical test results demonstrating improved employee health across an index of key health indicators.

The 2012 “Healthiest Companies in America” include Phoenix-based SCF Arizona and Tucson-based Sundt Companies.

Interactive Health is the leading provider of outcomes-based health management solutions designed to engage employees in the management of their health through early detection and identification of risk factors. Clinical measurements are coupled with immediate intervention and healthy activities to create a personalized health action plan designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. Interactive Health wellness programs foster personal accountability and empower employees to achieve their personal health goals.

Interactive Health’s programs have delivered proven results for organizations:

·         81 percent of participants achieve their goals
·         24 percent of smokers quit smoking
·         65 percent of participants with elevated glucose levels reduce their glucose levels
·         86 percent of participants with elevated blood pressure improve their blood pressure

“We are thrilled to recognize the outstanding organizations that have made employee health a strategic initiative. Earning this award takes corporate courage and commitment. A small percentage of an insured population can generate a disproportionate share of medical claim costs for an employer. However, a culture of health goes beyond improving the health of at-risk employees.  It is equally as important to engage the healthy employees to ensure they stay healthy,” said Joseph A. O’Brien, President and CEO of Interactive Health. “Using our proprietary scientific methodology, employees are held accountable for meeting individual health goals. Our approach is proven to reduce overall health care costs by 20 percent.”

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