The American College of Cardiology has granted accreditation in four specialties to Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital, making it the only hospital in the region to hold accreditation for treatment of chest pain, heart failure, atrial fibrillation and cardiac catheterization. 

Accreditation recognizes high performing and complex cardiovascular service lines and provides unbiased benchmarks for hospital standards of clinical performance, according to the American College of Cardiology.

According to the American College of Cardiology, Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital is the only hospital west of the Mississippi River accredited in all of the following specialties:

• Chest Pain Center Accreditation recognizes hospital cardiovascular teams that are focused on the efficient and effective care of acute coronary syndrome (heart attack) patients.

• Heart Failure Accreditation recognizes the hospital’s ability to diagnose and treat conditions in which a weakened heart fails to adequately provide oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to the body’s cells,

• Atrial Fibrillation Accreditation recognizes the hospital’s ability to treat a condition known as AFib, an irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other complications.

• Cardiac Catheterization Accreditation recognizes the hospital’s ability to diagnose and treat certain cardiovascular conditions through minimally invasive methods.

Abrazo is committed to helping patients and their loved ones understand the risks associated with heart disease so they can seize control of their health, says Dr. Timothy Byrne, medical director of Cardiovascular Services.

“The American College of Cardiology accreditations provide a foundation within the hospital for excellence and quality outcomes. Improving documentation and mandating best practices is what creates centers of excellence. We are proud of the designations in each of our four centers,” said Byrne.

The accreditations from the American College of Cardiology show a commitment to providing excellent care through evidence-based practice and continuous process improvement, explained Abrazo Cardiovascular Services Director Tammy Querrey. 

“Accreditations provide a strong framework for our facilities. This structure has improved the care we deliver to our patients and families, and has facilitated transitioning them home with the resources necessary to be successful in continuing their care well beyond the hospital walls,” said Querrey. “Our multidisciplinary team of professionals have gathered together to treat our patients holistically from the time they arrive to after discharge. It’s truly our display of a community built on care.”

Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital was one of the first in the country dedicated to treatment, research and prevention of cardiovascular disease when it opened in 1988.

“We have a history of delivering care for some of the most complex heart and vascular conditions. It is our intent to help Arizonans prevent and manage the risks associated with the disease,” noted Jeff Patterson, chief executive officer of both Abrazo Arrowhead Campus and Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital.