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October 23, 2018

AZ Business Magazine

How real-time laboratory data is closing healthcare gaps in Arizona

Sonora Quest Laboratories, Arizona’s leading provider of diagnostic testing and information services, has released a new technology-based analytics product called Actionable Insights Management™ (AIM). AIM is a software-based solution that provides near real-time data and insights to identify risks within patient populations; close gaps in healthcare; and track individual patients facing chronic conditions including diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

“AIM leverages patient-centric information and the application of clinical guidelines to transform data into useful and actionable intelligence,” said Sonny Varadan, Chief Information Officer with Sonora Quest. “The AIM solution provides a revolutionary way for providers to improve patient outcomes.”

Sonora Quest partnered with Commonwealth Accountable Care Organization to generate actionable patient data featured in their newly published whitepaper to improve communications with providers and deliver a data-focused care model. The white paper reveals the powerful functions of AIM analytics and how it assists with improving collaboration and outcomes in healthcare.

Highlights of the AIM solution include providing near real-time data, which enables timely and efficient decision-making to take place for patient populations. AIM also provides risk assessment, utilizing algorithms and clinical guidelines, from the American Diabetes Association and others, to provide insight into patients undiagnosed or at-risk for chronic conditions.

Large quantities of patient data are analyzed using an algorithmic process across disparate systems allowing Sonora Quest to create and support a longitudinal health record for each patient.

This information was critically important to Commonwealth because data can be aggregated regardless of ordering provider or the payer being billed. AIM located an average of 41 percent of additional orders generated by non-Commonwealth providers. In addition, AIM was able to identify data elements for quality measure consideration, laboratory testing base indicators for additional clinical assessment among Commonwealth patients, and benchmarking by provider to measure performance by disease state.

“The use of AIM greatly improved our coordinated care efforts and improved patient outcomes throughout Arizona,” said Lance Donkerbrook, Chief Information Officer with Commonwealth. “Not only did AIM provide much more immediate and actionable data compared to past reporting through claims and disparate EMR reports, but we found additional information, such as related diagnosis, and insight to supplementary provider care that we hadn’t expected to uncover from this data.”

Other uses for AIM include comprehensive historical results for patients, producing complete laboratory result history. Chronic disease management is available with dashboards that provide tailored insights for chronic conditions including diabetes, chronic kidney disease or prescription drug monitoring. Analytics consultation is provided to help clients determine the best solutions to meet their population health goals. Quality measures impact provides data in an easy-to-use, customizable format designed to meet quality measures or close gaps in care. 

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