Humana is saying no to tobacco — and those potential hires who smoke, too.

Humana’s tobacco-free hiring program is now in effect, and Humana will no longer hire tobacco users in its five Arizona work locations. Under this newly implemented policy, new hires cannot use tobacco products, including cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco and cigars.

Not only that, but they must abstain while employed by Humana.

If employees fail to comply with the policy, they must report the tobacco use and participate in a program that aims to help employees quit smoking and/or chewing, paid by Humana.

The tobacco-cessation program focuses on helping motivate individuals quit by identifying triggers specific to each person. Those enrolled also receive personal health counseling and free nicotine-replacement therapy.

According to Charles Cox, M.D., MPH, vice president and marketing medical officer for Humana in Arizona, Nevada and Utah, Humana is dedicated to providing a tobacco-free work site in order to help associates lead healthy lifestyles and take charge of their health.

Because Humana has a long-standing commitment to wellness and healthy lifestyles, it is also encouraging those currently employed to enroll in the tobacco-cessation program at no cost. Associates who are tobacco-free or are enrolled in the program also receive discounts on their medical plan premiums.

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