In 1892, 20 years before Arizona was admitted into the union, a small group of physicians from across the greater Phoenix area joined together to form the state’s first regional medical association – the Maricopa County Medical Society (MCMS). These physicians banded together in order to address and rectify the challenges of frontier medicine not knowing the legacy they would leave.

One hundred and twenty years later, as MCMS celebrates a milestone anniversary, the leadership of the Society and its members are committed to continuing the legacy of their founding fathers: to promote excellence in the quality of care and the health of the community; and to implement efforts through which professionalism in medicine is enhanced, and the ethics and quality practice of medicine are fostered and preserved.MCMS

But most importantly, what runs deep and is a common thread to physicians of yesterday and today, is their dedication to making sure their patients have access to timely care and that their rights and choices are supported.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to lead our local, grassroots professional organization into its 120th year of service to our community, and it is my privilege and great honor to serve as MCMS’ 118th president,” says Dr. Michael R. Mills, founder of Arizona Digestive Health, the largest GI group practice in the country.

“MCMS has an extensive and rich history of addressing the needs of physicians our community and advocating for our patients. In a year where political headlines will dominate the news and threaten to polarize our country, physicians must come together in solidarity, recognizing our common desire to preserve and protect the essence of our noble profession.”

Dr. Mills, who has served on MCMS’ Executive Committee, Board of Censors and the Board of Directors as a Central District Director, takes over for outgoing President Nathan Laufer, MD.

Dr. Mills’ presidential agenda is to push for solidarity with all practicing physicians within Maricopa County and the state, establish philanthropic and educational programs with community organizations, work with Arizona medical schools to develop mentorship programs for future physicians, and increase MCMS membership and retention.

Dr. Mills’ commitment to the mission, vision and values of MCMS are shared by the following officers, marking a continued commitment to strong leadership for MCMS: Daniel M. Lieberman, M.D., president-elect; Miriam K. Anand, M.D., vice president; Suzanne A Sisley, M.D., secretary; and Michael Grossman, M.D., treasurer. Each officer serves a one-year term.

Joining the 2012 officers and board of directors are the following physicians, who were elected to serve a three-year term as directors: Kelly Hsu, M.D., Central District; Timothy M. Daley, M.D., Mark R. Wallace, M.D and Christina S. Reuss, M.D., were all elected to the Scottsdale District.

“With the many challenges facing physicians in 2012 and beyond, it is critically important that our association understand the needs and concerns of all physicians so that we can continue to work together to find solutions to the ailing healthcare system,” said Daniel F. Mitten, executive director and CEO of MCMS.

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