Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS), with a 140-year tradition of serving as Maricopa County’s public teaching hospital and safety net health care system, today announced it will be named Valleywise Health next year. 

With the name change, all systemwide MIHS facilities, including its hospital, two behavioral health centers, an outpatient specialty center and 12 family health centers will adopt the Valleywise Health name and logo mid- 2019, in addition to changes in facility signage and additional logo elements.

The name and brand change will allow consumers to more easily identify Valleywise Health care locations and services. While its name is changing, the system is not changing its oversight by the Maricopa County Special Health Care District Board of Directors or its mission.

“We are proud of our rich tradition of quality health care, teaching, compassion, stewardship and a history of growing with our community,” said Steve Purves, President and CEO. “Becoming Valleywise Health allows us to more effectively articulate under one distinct and memorable name our bold vision to improve community health, while providing a modern network of services and facilities in which to train the next generation of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals.”

The name change is part of the transformation of the health care system occurring thanks to overwhelming approval of Proposition 480 by Maricopa County voters in 2014. In February 2017, the District Board awarded Vanir Construction Management, Inc. a contract to provide Integrated Program Management Construction Services (IPMO) for development of a new health care campus at the current site of the Maricopa Medical Center and to plan and build new behavioral health capacity and outpatient health care centers across Maricopa County. MIHS named this transformation “Care Reimagined” to more accurately define all the actions taking place to rebuild the health care system over the next 6 years.

Susan Gerard, Chairman of the District Board, said: “As Maricopa County’s community health system, and under our “Care Reimagined” initiative, we are committed to helping our neighbors and their families realize their full potential to live healthy and well. We are educating patients and designing supportive programs to help them gain a sense of control over their health. We are training our community’s next generation of care providers in our values of compassion and dedicated service. We are building partnerships, nurturing relationships and sponsoring programs to amplify our impact, because we’re stronger when we work together. With experience and empathy, we are building a healthier future for our community.

Gerard added, “This is a wonderful and exciting time for us and our new name, Valleywise Health, is both unique and descriptive of who we really are and the care we will provide today and into the future.”

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