A computerized image of the brain fibers shows the sheath, deployed in conjunction with the BrainPath, inserted into the brain. The sheath allows a neurosurgeon easy access to the surgical site inside the brain.

August 6, 2014

AZ Business Magazine

Phoenix Baptist Hospital uses innovative brain surgery technology

Abrazo Health, the second largest health care delivery system in Arizona, has announced that Phoenix Baptist Hospital is the first in Arizona to provide a breakthrough surgical approach to remove once-inoperable brain abnormalities while minimizing damage to healthy brain tissue.

Dr. Marco Marsella, a neurosurgeon on staff at Phoenix Baptist has successfully performed this new surgery using the new NICO BrainPath device. He is the only physician in Arizona and among 121 doctors nationally trained to use the NICO BrainPath device.

The BrainPath device works with several existing and new advanced technologies integrating high-definition imaging, computerized navigation, access, optics, and tissue removal and collection. The device allows physicians to navigate safely through the natural folds and delicate fibers of the brain to reach the abnormality and minimizing tissue damage.

“With this technology we may approach tumors that were considered hard to remove or whose resection would pose a high intraoperative risk,’’ said Dr. Marsella. “Benefits of this device include safer surgery, that usually provides faster recovery time, minimal internal and external scarring, less trauma to the brain and nerves, and fewer side effects and complications post-surgery.”

The purchase of this new technology underscores Phoenix Baptist Hospital’s commitment to neurological patient care,” said Phoenix Baptist Hospital CEO Dan Jones.

“This is a promising and significant development for both the hospital and patients needing targeted, flawless brain surgery,” Jones added.