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March 31, 2015

AZ Business Magazine

Phoenix Children’s Care Network adds new leadership

Phoenix Children’s Care Network (PCCN), Arizona’s only pediatric-dedicated, physician-led, clinically integrated organization, has hired Chad Johnson as senior vice president and executive director.

Johnson joins the team with nearly two decades of health care management experience. He most recently led a Minnesota pediatric health network to increased cost efficiencies and improved quality.

“As the Phoenix Children’s Care Network family of physicians grows, we look forward to improving the quality of care for children across Arizona,” said Dr. Anne Garrett, chair of PCCN’s Board of Managers. “Chad is going to be a valuable addition to the team and brings diverse experience and a broad vision to the table.”

Clinically integrated organizations have become more popular among adult populations over the past five years as health care providers seek innovative ways to deliver quality care while controlling costs. Still uncommon for pediatric practitioners, PCCN was one of the first pediatric clinically integrated organizations established.

PCCN has grown to include more than 800 physicians across Maricopa County, including more than half of all Valley pediatricians and 80 percent of the metropolitan area’s pediatric specialists, and accounts for more than half a million unique covered pediatric lives.

“Joining the PCCN team is very exciting,” said Johnson. “This network is leading the way both locally and nationally in pediatric clinically integrated care. I am excited to be working with our network of physicians as we break new ground in the delivery of high-quality, cost-efficient pediatric clinical care.”

Phoenix Children’s Care Network provides Arizona families critical access to the largest array of pediatric generalists and specialists, including those found at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The alignment allows health care professionals to closely monitor outcomes and thereby improve care and reduce costs.

“We’re already seeing positive results,” added Johnson. “Because our providers work exclusively with children, 100 percent of our focus is on the kids and families we serve. This is reflected in our focus on achieving the best pediatric clinical outcomes while providing an efficient and excellent patient experience.”

The network was founded – and is run – by member physicians.