At the beginning of December, the Phoenix Children’s Hospital received over $189,000 worth of toys from Value Card Alliance, a no-cash marketplace for more than 36,000 businesses.

Each month VCA picks a local charity to fundraise for, and this month Phoenix Children’s Hospital was picked. In the last five years, more than half a million dollars were donated to Arizona charities.

VCA members can make donations by transferring their VCA credits to benefits charities of choice, and the money for this month was used to purchase toys for Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

“Our members are the most amazing, giving, community-based group I have ever had the privilege of being a part,” said Christie Acevedo, CEO, VCA. “I am honored that every year this group of business owners helps VCA to blow away our $150,000 worth of toy goal to be delivered to PCH. This is a busy time of year for all, and it is magical to see so many people stop their busy schedule and still take the opportunity to be so giving.”

Members rallied for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, which received the largest donation out of all the charities VCA sponsored this year.

“Phoenix Children’s Hospital appreciates the generous donation from Value Card Alliance of nearly $200,000 toys to our  patients,” said Denise Wittstock of Phoenix Children’s Hospital Volunteer Services. “This generosity allows children that are in the hospital during the holiday season to have a sense and joy  of Christmas, even though hospitalized.”