Sonora Quest Laboratories, Arizona’s leading provider of diagnostic testing and information services, announced the availability of new food allergy tests, which help determine the likelihood and significance of an allergic reaction to peanut, egg white, or cow’s milk, through a simple blood test. 

These new food allergy screens, along with an extensive menu of diagnostic and screening tests, are available directly to consumers through My Lab ReQuestwhere consumers can order their blood tests without a doctor’s order or the need for insurance coverage—by either going online at or visiting any Sonora Quest site throughout the state. 

The tests identify reaction-causing proteins by analyzing at the granular level and verifying the specific component that elicits an allergic response or sensitivity. For example, a person may be allergic to only a specific component in peanuts, but not to the high-risk components that would require a peanut-free zone.

The tests became available on February 24. Knowing which foods you may have allergic sensitivity to, and potentially, how severe your reaction may be, will help in making safer and healthier dietary decisions.

“We are the only major laboratory in Arizona offering direct-to-consumer testing for allergies related to peanuts, cow’s milk, and egg whites,” said Dr. Regina Van Buren, medical director at Sonora Quest. “For those who have food allergies and sensitivities, knowing what is triggering a reaction may be difficult, but through My Lab ReQuest testing, consumers can be informed. We are thrilled to provide this new, advanced service to help people be proactive with their health.” 

Sonora Quest is committed to helping individuals and families prevent adverse allergic reactions by providing the insight patients need to manage food sensitivities and digestive health. It is always important to discuss lab results with a healthcare provider to ensure they are interpreted and acted upon appropriately.  

Patients can order tests without a doctor’s order or insurance through My Lab ReQuest. The online portal offers consumer-direct access to a diverse range of affordable screening tests that can be ordered at or in any of Sonora Quest’s 75 patient service centers across Arizona.