St. Luke’s Medical Center today announced its chief of cardiology, Richard Heuser, M.D., FACC, has enrolled the first two U.S. patients in the PRESERV clinical trial (Prospective Randomized Evaluation to Study the Effects of Reduced contrast media on the Vitality of the Kidney) sponsored by Osprey Medical Inc.(ASX: OSP).The study utilizes the CINCOR System, a dye reduction and removal system that aims to limit the amount of dye used during a coronary angiogram, a common heart procedure, from reaching the kidneys, thereby reducing the risk of kidney damage.

“We are honored to have Dr. Heuser enroll our first U.S. patients,” said Mike McCormick, president of Osprey Medical. “He is one of the world’s leading cardiologists and we are excited to have his contributions to the PRESERV Trial.

Dye is routinely used to ‘x-ray’ heart tissue during coronary angiography and stenting procedures, but it can cause serious and irreversible damage to the kidneys, known as Contrast Induced Nephropathy (CIN). This damage can be significantly more harmful to those patients at high-risk of CIN due to pre-existing chronic kidney disease, which accounts for 25 percent of all patients undergoing coronary angiography and stenting procedures

“While there is no way to completely prevent dye from reaching the kidneys, the CINCOR System potentially offers patients an advanced level of protection against the damage it can cause,” said Dr. Heuser.

Prevention of CIN in high-risk patients may lead to shorter hospital stays, improved patient outcomes and may ultimately save patient’s lives.

The trial will enroll 600 patients in up to 40 centers around the world. St. Luke’s Medical Center is the only participating hospital in Arizona.

St. Luke’s Medical Center is currently seeking qualified patients to enroll in the clinical trial. Participants are required to partake in a 30-day study and will receive a $25 gift card upon completion. For more information about enrollment, contact Renata Schwartz, RN, at 602-251-8890.