Scottsdale-based Stat Health Services, provider of leading telemedicine solution Stat Doctors™, signed on as the preferred eHealth partner for Assurex Global, a partnership of prominent independent agents and brokers worldwide.

Assurex Global now offers Stat Doctors through the Assurex Global Private Exchange, a private health care marketplace for businesses seeking employee benefits packages. The eHealth service provides on-demand treatment of minor illnesses and common medical conditions, online or over the phone, 24/7/365. It is also available as an additional benefit through traditional employer-provided medical insurance coverage and other group benefit plans.

“With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, more and more companies are looking for health benefits that are high-quality, yet affordable,” said Dr. Alan C. Roga, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., founder and CEO of Stat Doctors. “And, with a delivery model that’s cost-effective for businesses, convenient for employees, and unsurpassed in providing excellent care, Stat Doctors has emerged as an important and viable solution.”

With an average wait time of six minutes, patients use Stat Doctors for treatment of common medical issues such as respiratory infections, flu and strep throat at a fraction of the cost of urgent care or emergency room visits. Stat Doctors physicians evaluate symptoms, ePrescribe medications as needed, and conduct a follow-up call 72 hours later to ensure the patient’s recovery.

“An organization like Stat Doctors is a fantastic addition to our private exchange,” said John Clark, senior vice president, benefits practice leader for Assurex Global. “The solutions they provide bring great value to our partner firms and their clients.”

Stat Doctors has been shown to reduce health care expenses for mid- and large-sized companies by diverting urgent care and ER visits in addition to providing disease management and wellness support.

“Our partnership with an organization as exclusive and far-reaching as Assurex Global is a powerful testament to Stat Doctors’ quality as well as the escalating demand for our care model,” added Dr. Roga. “Working with Assurex Global’s elite group of agents and brokers, we have the opportunity to grow our business in markets across the nation, provide care the way people want it, and continue to transform the delivery of medical care in the 21st century.”

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