The CORE Institute announced the development and launch of online patient self-scheduling for orthopedic care across Arizona. In just a few clicks, patients can now schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist or any of its many musculoskeletal specialists, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any handheld device or computer. 

The online scheduling tool provides a collaboration of navigation and patient matching based on provider-specific operational and clinical scheduling protocols, along with accepted insurance plans. The customized and intelligent algorithm connects patients to the right provider in the right setting at the right time, all while enabling a self-scheduling portal that is convenient for the patient.  

“We recognize that many of our patients have busy lifestyles and are searching for alternative solutions to schedule an appointment at convenient times for them,” said Vikas Khanna, Executive Vice President of Operations at The CORE Institute. “Patients suffering from aches and pains, now have an option to schedule online without ever calling our office. By allowing our patients the ability to schedule an appointment any time, day or night, we can provide quicker access to those in need of our services.”  

Looking to create the patient experience of the future, The CORE Institute embraced the idea of online appointment scheduling that is common in many other industries outside of healthcare. The CORE Institute’s investment in online appointment scheduling, whether at home or on the road, created a digital front door that welcomes patients to connect with them in different ways.  The result is an integrated online appointment scheduling tool that factors in not only the physician’s expertise and available appointment times, but the accepted insurances by a provider.

The CORE Institute’s patient experience built around a platform of personalization and convenience. As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly consumerized, The CORE Institute continues to be a leader in the patient experience. They are addressing patient concerns now and focusing on creating an optimal experience for everyone.

Patients looking to schedule online with one of The CORE Institute providers can visit