For mothers, pregnancy is one of the most overwhelming experiences as they are bringing a new life into this world. But the journey to motherhood may get bumpy due to certain complications and a steady increase in medical expenses and hospitalization charges may give financial stress to the couple if they don’t have a pregnancy cover health insurance.

Pregnancy cover health insurance can give you the help you would need to take care of the expenses related to childbirth and pregnancy.

What is Pregnancy Cover in Health Insurance?

Pregnancy cover health insurance is a type of health coverage that covers all the expenses associated with childbirth up to a certain period. You can either choose a standalone policy or you can include it as an add-on to your health insurance by paying an extra premium.

Pregnancy cover health insurance provides the right coverage for the mother and her child with several prominent features. It covers all the delivery-related expenses for both normal and caesarean deliveries. It comes with a waiting period, so it is advisable to get insured beforehand to give a warm welcome to your baby without any worries.

Why Do You Need It?

Motherhood is a rewarding experience, and to make it a smooth journey for the mother and her baby, it is in your best interest to get pregnancy cover health insurance. The ‘JOY’ maternity insurance plan which is specially designed for maternity coverage by Care Health Insurance can be the perfect plan that gives a comprehensive coverage for hospitalization and delivery-related expenses.

The key features for the pregnancy cover health insurance include maternity care, newborn baby cover, pre, and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care treatment, in-patient care, etc.

Here are some reasons why you need it:

Acts as a Financial Backup

No matter what the procedure, maternity insurance will take care of all the expenses so that you will not be stressed out financially. It will also take care of the medical expenses such as surgeon’s cost, doctor’s consultation, room charges, and nursing.

Delivery in Private Hospitals is Expensive

There is no room for compromise when it comes to the quality of healthcare. That is why, private hospitals are high in demand nowadays, but the treatment can be quite expensive. Also, there may be certain complications which could increase the total cost. In such a scenario, pregnancy cover health insurance can act as a financial relief to the parents.

Key Benefits in getting Maternity Insurance

Here are some of the extensive benefits you get with pregnancy cover health insurance:

Cashless Hospitalization

Cashless Hospitalization allows you to avail of all the delivery-related treatment without paying the bills upfront.

Day Care Treatment

In a pregnancy cover health insurance, you can avail of the day-care treatment facility without any hassle.

Newborn Baby Cover

The coverage is not just limited up to the delivery, it also gives coverage to your newborn child up to the first 90 days with maternity coverage.

Pre and post Hospitalization cover

Most maternity insurance plans cover both pre- and post-hospitalization charges.

Advanced Technology Methods

It covers all the advanced treatment methods which is a favorable way to get access to good healthcare and sustainable treatment during the pregnancy period.


While buying pregnancy cover health insurance, you can avail of discounts if you opt for a multi-year policy. It can reduce your premium amount.

Tax Benefits

Opting for pregnancy cover health insurance comes with two-fold benefits. It provides medical care for mother and child, and it also enables you to avail tax benefits on the premium you pay for it as per the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961.

With rising medical inflation and increasing hospitalization charges, there can be a lot of financial hindrances for new parents. Therefore, you can consider plans such as JOY by Care Health Insurance to get comprehensive maternity insurance plan benefit and stay away from financial worries.