In today’s society there is little time to have dinner at the table, let alone a full, effective work-out plan. Many people work full-time, go to school, have kids, volunteer with an organization or all of the above. It is important to stay fit and keep your metabolism working even when you don’t think you have any time throughout the day.

For the busy, on-the-go person, here is a workout plan that is effective and made for you. After time, you will see a change in your eating habits, energy level and activity intensity.

Having a stop watch or clock around will help with keeping track of time. You will also need a set of weights that you are comfortable doing reps with.

  • Get up 30 minutes earlier than you normally do. Spend five minutes warming up and stretching. This allows your body to get ready to do strenuous movements and exercise. It also helps not to pull a muscle and wakes you up quicker than coffee.
  • For the next five minutes, do jumping jacks. Remember to keep your arms straight as your bring them up to your ears during each jump. This gets your heart pumping and starts your metabolism going. When you get your metabolism working in the morning it helps with breaking down what you eat during the day.
  • For the following two minutes, do lunges with bicep curls. While holding two full bottles of water (or your weights) stand with your left foot forward, lower into a lunge and do a bicep curl, then lower. Straighten your knees to stand and repeat for two minutes, switching legs after each curl.
  • Now, spend four minutes getting your stomach warmed up. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Place your right ankle on your left knee and grasp the back of your left thigh with both hands. Pull your leg gently toward your torso and hold for one minute. Then switch sides. Repeat each side twice for a total of four minutes.
  • For the next five minutes you will do sit-ups. There are two ways to do them. The first way is to lay on your back extending your arms forward toward your toes. Pushing your arms toward your feet lift your body off the ground to touch your toes (some may not be able to reach their toes). The second way is to lay on the floor with your hands behind your head. Using your stomach muscles, not your hands behind your head, lift your upper body either half way (crunch) or all the way up.
  • For the last five minutes of the workout choose one of the following:
    • Seated Tricep Dips — Using a chair or bench, grip the edge and extend your legs in front of you (if to hard you can bend your knees). Keep your feet flat on the floor. Then extend your arms straight and move your buttocks up and off the chair. Bend your elbows directly behind you, lower your hips toward the floor. Keep your buttocks close to the chair, shoulders back and push until elbows are almost straight. Repeat this in reps until you feel a burn. By doing these you are working your back arms and triceps.
    • Back Arm Stretch — although this is called a stretch it is really a back arm work out. With a comfortable size weight, grasp it with both hands, put it over your head, and then slowly lower it as far as you can behind your head. Lift it back above your head then lower it again. Do these as many times as you can with out stopping. You may want to do three sets of 10 to begin. As you get comfortable, do four sets of 15 or 20.
    • Squats — You can do these with or without weights. With your legs shoulder length apart lower your buttocks half way to the floor (or as low as you can go) and raise it back to a standing position. By doing this you’re working your buttocks, hips, thighs and hamstrings.