The majority of American consumers turn to online reviews of a company before they commit to a purchase, whatever it may be. In particular, glowing five-star reviews from previous customers create the impression of a trustworthy company. In fact, 93.7% of consumers will trust a brand more if it has received positive feedback from customers. This led the team at OnDeck to wonder: if positive reviews and ratings translate to trustworthiness, which American companies are the most trusted companies of all? To find out, we explored millions of customer ratings on the leading review website Trustpilot, a site on which three in four U.S. consumers say they check a brand’s score before making a purchase.

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DEEPER DIVE: Most Admired Companies of 2023: Achieve

Achieve ranks No. 1 in Arizona with 95.45% of their reviews being five stars

Other key findings

  • NCH (a legal services company in Nevada) is No. 1 among most trusted companies and is the most trustworthy American company overall: 97.43% of its customer ratings are five stars.
  • Meanwhile, Vision Computers, Inc. (a computer repair company in Georgia) is the most trusted American company in tech (98.35% of five-star ratings).
  • In media, print and publishing, Artmill (a photo printing shop in Illinois) is the most trustworthy American company (97.20% of five-star ratings).
  • PolicyPro (an insurance agency in Texas) ranks as the most trusted American finance company, boasting a nearly universal (99.10%) share of five-star ratings.