When you get verified on Instagram, your Instagram account gains elegance. The blue tick beside your profile name represents authenticity. It gives the general public an idea that the account is a legitimate account with credibility. Although that was not the intention behind that innovation, the blue tick has turned into a determinant for social status on Instagram.

Here we look at the people who qualify to be verified on Instagram and why.

People Most Vulnerable to Impersonation

Fraudsters, people looking to chase clout, pranks, and internet bullies usually take to Instagram to duplicate their victims’ accounts. Thereby, they use their names and pictures to defraud other people or commit scandalous acts online. To curb this act, Instagram created the blue tick verification system to recognize the authentic Instagram accounts from the fake ones. The first criteria to get verified on Instagram is for your Instagram account to be susceptible to being duplicated or if people can easily impersonate you on the social media platform.

Politicians and Public Figures

Politicians, public office holders, and public figures are prime candidates for the Instagram verification badge. Official Instagram account of these public figures can disseminate important information to the general public. The general public is well aware to confirm the authenticity of an Instagram account by looking for the blue tick before believing the information posted by the account. Without the blue tick, which stands as a sign of notability, anyone can create a fake Instagram account with the name of any politician or any public figure and use the fake platform to disseminate wrong information or fake news.

Artists, Content Creators, Entertainers & Entrepreneurs

The first set of people you follow when you open your Instagram account is your favorite celebrities like musicians, movie stars, football players, among others. The Instagram accounts of celebrities are adorned with the blue tick to know you are following the real account of your celebrity and not a fake account or a fan page created for them. The Instagram verification badge distinguishes this set of people from fraudulent accounts that prey on every Instagram user.

Similarly, authors, chefs, entertainers, TV personalities, content creators and entrepreneurs can get verified on Instagram as well. In all, almost any niche profile can get verified on Instagram so long as they have enough web presence.

Legitimate Businesses and Global Brands

All globally renowned brands have the blue tick on their Instagram account. Although the blue tick is not a sign of endorsement from Instagram, it is seen as a sign of authenticity that comes with a level of trust. The verification badge helps differentiate the authentic Instagram account of the brand from fakes made by fraudulent individuals. Suppose you are a business owner that runs a legitimate business and would like to have a higher level of credibility on Instagram, you must try to get the verification badge.

Final Thoughts

The answer to the question “Who can get verified on Instagram?” is everyone can apply for an Instagram verification. Although Instagram created the process to differentiate authentic Instagram accounts from fake Instagram accounts, everyone that runs a public account on Instagram can apply for verification. But to be verified, your account must have one or more of the attributes listed above.