The City of Chandler offers the second-lowest average annual cost of service across the Valley, saving residents hundreds of dollars each year. In fact, the fiscal year 20-21 budget maintains Transaction Privilege Tax rates, water, wastewater, reclaimed and solid waste rates, continuing to provide residents one of the best values for services among Valley cities. Some may be asking how Chandler has managed to maintain those rates during the coronavirus pandemic, but the answer is simple — Chandler is a community of innovation.

Environment for growth

Chandler is a facilitator of business and opportunities and it all starts with being fiscally responsible. Long before the pandemic, Chandler has been AAA bond rated, the highest possible rating that may be assigned to an issuer’s bonds by any of the major credit rating agencies, and maintained a responsible budget allowing the city to focus on creating robust infrastructure, housing opportunities and more. This environment is what draws major businesses like Intel Corporation, American Express and Wells Fargo to the city, which in turn brings more people to the city and creates more jobs and generates opportunities for more revenue. A testament to Chandler’s draw, the city regularly competes for business with Austin, Texas, a city known for attracting startups and the technology industry.

Keeping rates low

A net importer of jobs, Chandler has a 20% increase in population Monday through Friday, which creates an internal churn in revenue. Employees who work in Chandler buy lunch from local restaurants and run errands at small business and create a community with jobs. To date, the city has added more than 1,200 jobs in 2020. This boost in revenue provides residents lower property taxes and allows the city to maintain low rates on services.

Projects continue in Chandler

Because Chandler was financially prepared for uncertain times, the city is now moving forward with shovel-ready projects, including new roads, a water treatment plant and more. The city knows these projects are vital to continue ongoing improvements and has managed their budget accordingly. These opportunities create a good quality of life for residents and another draw for prospective businesses, furthering the city’s initiative to welcome innovators to the community.

Rather than be a regulator, Chandler is a facilitator and allows businesses to tell them what they need. If a business needs a permit pushed through in a week, the city is there to help them succeed. It creates a friendly atmosphere to do business and positions Chandler as a place companies want to be. The growth of Chandler has created a synergy between residents and business that benefits all.


Mark Stewart is a Chandler councilmember, state ambassador for the Jobs Creator Network and co-founder of micro- and small-business accelerator Concept2Completion.