Your website’s service pages are where you’ll describe your signature offerings to your customers so they can get the information they need to complete a purchase with you. They’re also likely to be some of the most common pages people first land on when visiting your website — especially if they’ve found you through relevant Google search results.

As you go through the website designing process, you’ll see how the look and structure of your service pages can have a significant impact on how many sales you make.

So how can you design your service pages to capture the attention of your target audience and drive sales? Let’s look at some tips you can use to perfect the design of your website’s service pages so your ideal customers will be more likely to invest in your brand’s services.

Get straight to your USPs

A unique selling proposition, or USP, sets you apart from the competition. It’s a selling point you must communicate quickly to your visitors to ensure they know why they should hire your company in particular.

To do this, as you design your website, you should try to:

• Place your USPs above the fold of your service pages so customers can see the benefits of your product or service without having to read through lots of content.

• Add space between your USPs and any other details you provide so the benefits you offer stand out and don’t get lost among your other text and images.

• Use a unique text color when outlining your USPs so they stand out from everything else on your service page.

For inspiration, let’s look at a business that places its USP in the right spot to ensure everyone who lands on their service page knows how they can help.

ActiveCampaign is a platform that helps small businesses create engaging customer experiences. And, on their marketing automation service page, they place an eye-catching USP above the fold that tells readers the tool automatically handles tasks for them, so visitors know how they can help without having to scroll.

Notice how their USP is short, to the point, and directly states that their service can make it feel like an extra person is working at a business, but without the hefty costs. This is a great way to help potential customers visualize how ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation services can help take work off the plates of their existing employees and take their companies to the next level.

You can use these tips to help make your USPs stand out, too. Explain exactly how your product or service will help your customers, and use text in a unique color and large font to ensure these details don’t go unnoticed. This is sure to entice more people and lead to more conversions for your business.

Choose service page imagery that shows you in the best light

Images should be a vital part of your service pages since customers will typically view and process these before they read any text. And, you can use high-quality images to show how your service works or use images of your customers to show the value of your work and connect with your customers on an emotional level to drive more sales.

Showcasing images that feature your customers using and benefiting from your services can help you make more sales because it sets the tone for a professional relationship between your company and your audience. Just make sure each image has a high resolution and is professionally edited — plus, it’s a good idea to ensure customers can see the faces of your employees. This will help to show your company in the best light possible, earning your audience’s trust and confidence.

Let’s look at a company that strategically uses imagery on its service pages to convince visitors to book an appointment.

Dennis Hernandez & Associates is a group of auto accident attorneys based in Florida. Since they know it’s important to make an emotional connection with customers before they’ll secure their business, they have chosen website imagery that will put a face to the business name and build trust with everyone who lands on their service page.

Not only is this a great way to build a connection with customers, but it will also put them at ease as it shows them exactly who they’ll be working with if they hire the firm. And, the particular image they’ve chosen to showcase helps to show the company in the best light, because it introduces website visitors to a professional attorney who potential clients are sure to trust. The placement is notable, as the image shows an attorney looking towards a contact form prospective clients can fill in to get a free case evaluation. This will help to attract more eyes and boost the company’s conversion rate.

You could also consider showcasing images of your team, which direct people towards taking the action you’re looking for. For instance, you could have a staff member facing an effective call to action, contact form, or menu. And, ensure the pictures you choose show your company in the best possible light.

Provide strong calls to action in multiple places

Many business owners make the mistake of not including strong calls to action on their service pages. But, since they can be very effective at generating sales, you must be strategic with your CTAs.

A CTA is a prompt that tells website visitors what they should do next to move forward with your company. They should be an essential part of your service pages’ designs because they take the guesswork out of how customers can take the next steps with your brand.

It’s also vital to have CTAs scattered across your service pages so people can convert whenever they’re ready. To ensure people don’t miss these directions, add them to your website header and footer, as well as at important points in your service pages where you think someone is most likely to consider buying from you. To incorporate strong CTAs into the designs of your service pages, you should:

• Ensure they’re displayed on bright, bold buttons that stand out against the rest of your web design so your audience can easily find them.

• Position copy around your CTAs to explain the benefits of clicking the button or explain what will happen once your audience does so.

• Make your CTA short but strong with sharp verbs and clear language like “go now” or “let’s talk” to motivate your customers to click.

• Design multiple CTAs to target different people based on what they need right now. This is because not every visitor to your service pages will be at the same stage of their buyer’s journey.For example, on a single page you could have a range of CTAs like “learn more”, “get in touch”, and “buy now”.

To give you some inspiration, let’s look at a company that uses strong CTAs on its service pages to capture leads.

Syniverse is a global network and communications platform that allows its clients to reach customers in every corner of the world. And, on their service page for their rich communication services, they provide a bright yellow CTA that is easy to spot against the purple background. There is also text near the button which explains that customers will be able to connect with an expert once they click on the “get started” CTA button.

These styles of CTA are added throughout the service page to ensure people see them and allow customers to convert after reading different content to find the information they need before taking the next step.

You can use the same strategy on your website by adding several CTAs to your service pages — this will ensure customers see them and feel compelled to take action. Similar to Syniverse, you can add a CTA near the top of each page to help customers take action and make a purchase with you. 

Don’t forget to use social proof to your advantage

No matter how strong your marketing campaigns are, word-of-mouth recommendations are generally going to be more powerful, since they offer potential customers the chance to learn about the benefits of your products or services from past clients just like them. So, when you’re designing your service pages, you must dedicate a section to showing what your past customers think about your business to help build trust. You can use short reviews on your service pages to help customers see how great you are at a glance, but also add longer written testimonials that provide more context about who your services can help, and what the biggest benefits are.

Getting customer reviews is crucial because it communicates that your brand has already proven itself in the eyes of people just like your potential customers. To display social proof on your service pages, place it where customers will quickly see it like in your header or simply above the fold of each page.

To give you some ideas, let’s look at a company that effectively displays social proof on its service pages to convince customers to convert.

Landscape and pest control company Lawn Doctor offers premium products and expert services for people looking to take care of their properties. And, their lawn care service page includes an average Google star rating with a link to their Google reviews so potential customers can read more in-depth testimonials about the lawn service.

Also, note that the star icons are yellow and the text is white, so these elements clearly stand out from the green background of the page to ensure customers see the star ratings and text. This review section can help potential customers quickly see how trustworthy the company is based on the recommendations of existing clients.

You can use this approach on your service pages by placing social proof in areas, like near your contact information and above the fold, where customers will see it right away. And make sure to use text colors that contrast very well against the background to ensure customers spot the reviews, which will build trust with them as they look to buy from you.

Make sure customers can take the next step effortlessly

When people land on your service page, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to invest in your services. This will improve the UX of your business’s website, increase your chances of making a sale, and prevent people from bouncing to your competitors’ websites instead.

You can make it simple for people to find more information about your brand or move forward in their buying journeys by:

• Adding a simple contact form with a minimal number of fields to ensure customers get in touch to learn more about your services.

• Providing an easy-to-follow CTA, so customers understand why they should click and what the next steps will be in the buying process.

• Offering a sophisticated search feature to help users find what they are looking for without having to do lots of browsing.

• Making it easy for them to get in touch with a representative of your company by providing different ways to contact you in the footer and header of your site.

If your customers see it’s easy to secure your services, they will be more likely to act right then and there.

To give you some pointers, here’s a company that makes it easy for customers to convert, so they secure more sales.

Osmon Moving and Storage helps its clients move to their new home or work premises with minimal hiccups. And, their commercial moving service page makes it very easy to convert by offering multiple CTA buttons and a simple form that allows potential customers to fill in just three fields that ask for their name, phone number, and email address to get a free quote. This ensures customers can reach out effortlessly and prevents them from growing frustrated and leaving the website as a result. The design is clean and simple so customers know exactly what they need to fill out to get more information, and the colors used ensure customers see the CTA to start the process of getting a free quote.

If you wish to provide a contact form people can fill out to get a quote or learn more about your services, make sure it stands out from the rest of your page and that it looks very simple to complete. This will increase the chances of prospective customers actually reaching out to you.


Your service pages should work overtime to attract new customers and help them learn more about your unique services. And, you can increase your web traffic and drive sales by optimizing them.

Ensure your service pages have clear CTAs, engaging imagery, and plenty of social proof to inspire your potential customers to become loyal clients.

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Author: Aaron Haynes is an entrepreneur, digital marketing enthusiast, and occasional SEO writer. With more than a decade of experience in business development, Aaron helps businesses and agencies develop and grow a data-driven yet nimble approach to search engine control. You can find more from Aaron on Twitter and LinkedIn.