When the idea of business had emerged, it only consisted of the members who had conceived the picture and a few necessary workers. The conception of an HR department arrived much later.

Initially, the workers used to undergo a similar set of problems concerning their job role, time and attendance system, payroll, or a disagreement with a fellow employee. However, there wasn’t anybody in an official position to resolve these problems.

Despite appearing to be trivial, they can have adverse effects in their long term position at the office. Keeping all of this in mind, a few people came up with the idea that they should assign somebody whose only job would be to look after and maintain the smooth-functioning of in-office relations.

In a nutshell, the purview of the HR department encircles the welfare of the employees of that organization. Therefore, in this article, we will explore a few chores of the HR department that directly benefit the employees.

Maintaining a positive work environment.

Productivity is a word that is very often used in office spaces; it is also widely associated with an office. It is an aspect that varies from an individual to another. However, office space also plays a significant role in inspiring or maintaining productivity.

One way to maintain productivity is to assure the employees that they are in a safe and positive environment. Usually, every company does that by organizing an orientation program in the very beginning. The company announces that they will be guided through every process by the HR department.

However, most companies fail to keep their word, and the orientation becomes the end of all help. Thus, to maintain a positive work environment, you have to reassure the employees by your actions and not your words.

These are the few ways that can help maintain a positive environment:

• Conduct employee surveys. Take note of what irritates them and what offers them satisfaction. Make each individual feel that they are listened to.

• Pay heed to their issues when they report and actually make an attempt to resolve them. Do not disclose their identity if they wish to keep themselves anonymous.

Revising employment policies now and then

Change is the only way you can sustain anything for an extended period. Since the beginning of time, we have witnessed drastic changes through different eras- in society, fashion, technology, and medicine.

A workspace cannot be exempted from that rule either. Like we mentioned in the beginning, there was no concept of a team dedicated to the welfare of the employees.

Now that an HR team exists, it needs to be appropriately maintained. One way it can be done is by revising the policies that had been set earlier. This is one task where the HR team partners with the legal team to develop more clearly-defined and accurate policies.

Some of the necessary policies are as follows:

• Employee payroll policy

• Anti-harassment policy

• Employee conduct policy

• Anti-discrimination policy

• Employee health and safety policy

Organizing relevant training programs

When a person is recruited into a company, it takes them some time to accommodate themselves in the new space adequately. This applies especially to those who are freshers and never worked in an office before.

Despite getting a degree in a relevant field, they cannot jump off directly into work. Conducting office work is significantly different from learning about it to a  degree.

Thus, this is another duty that is assigned to the HR department. They have to ensure that each of the employees receives training that is pertinent to their job roles.