In a future that may be unknown for many, it’s more important than ever to create a sense of community for employees who are slowly and safely making their way back into the workplace.

After a difficult and trying year, the world is gradually reopening and employers need to focus on fostering a company culture where employees can feel joy, excitement, and safe when they come to work each day.

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At Landsea Homes, we work hard to cultivate our company culture, both in-person and online. 

As our offices went remote over the last year, we discovered our team was well-equipped and thriving because of the strong foundation of our culture. Everyone understands their role and the impact it brings to the business, and the focus of every individual ensures that Landsea Homes thrives in any market condition.    

Work and Live by Your Company’s Core Values

Todd Condon is vice president of sales and marketing, Arizona Division, for Landsea Homes.

The set of core values that live on your company’s website or are written on the wall at the office must become more than just words. Employees must live and work by these words daily, holding each other accountable to a standard of excellence by all members of the team. At Landsea Homes, we share a united focus from the division level to corporate executives, with each individual owning the same passion not just for their role, but also in preserving our culture.    

At the end of the day, Landsea Homes’ goal has always been to deliver a quality product while positively impacting our customers’ home buying journey. We accomplish this when our employees and the trade partners that we work with share that same sense of pride and support for our core values.

In today’s environment, we ask a lot of our trade partners and they work incredibly hard to deliver every day. It’s important that our trade partners are respected and appreciated as an extension of the Landsea Homes team.

Celebrate the ‘Wins’ of Employees

It’s no secret that the way to build a loyal, motivated, and happy employee base is to acknowledge and celebrate their successes, no matter how big or small they may be. At Landsea Homes, a ‘win’ for one person is truly a ‘win’ for the entire team.  Sharing in each other’s success creates the inspiration that guides employees to find motivation and purpose in the work they do each day. We have a ‘Wall of Wins’ that’s celebrated in the division office. At the corporate level, the wins of our nationwide teams are celebrated in each internal quarterly newsletter.

Whether it’s a “thank you” from a happy homeowner, or a company-wide celebration of the MAME Award wins for our incredibly talented Arizona team, no success is too small to acknowledge. Ultimately, when our employees are happy, our customers also feel something special throughout their journey with us.

Incorporate Philanthropy into Your Business

There’s no better feeling than giving back. At Landsea Homes, we take great pride in seeing our team give back to the communities where we all live and work.

Last year, our Arizona team actively participated in the Phoenix Children’s Halloween Drive, the HomeAid Phoenix Seats and Feet Drive, as well as donations to the Assistance League® of Phoenix in support of under privileged children. 

It doesn’t matter how your employees and team get involved (group volunteering, fundraising or pro-bono work), they certainly gain a sense of greater purpose and accomplishment when contributing towards the greater needs of the community.

Company culture creates a strong foundation that directly correlates with success. As we continue on in this post-COVID era, Landsea Homes will continue to build upon our strong company culture by fostering connection, success, and job satisfaction in the workplace. 


Todd Condon is vice president of sales and marketing, Arizona Division, for Landsea Homes.