While Arizona has one of the better economies in the United States and is incredibly popular with relocating businesses, there is still a whole lot for business leaders to look to outside its borders.

Reaching further afield means tapping into previously untouched audiences, increasing reputation onto a national or global scale and generally increasing sales prospects. For local businesses, the following reasons form a convincing argument in favor of broadened horizons.

Local Business

Arizona makes its way into the top 20 U.S. economies and is, therefore, a truly superb location for local businesses to thrive in. What no small business should underestimate, however, is the potential profits that could be uncovered by expanding into neighboring states or even countries outside of the US.

While taking a company onto a global scale is anything but easy, its advantages are many. Extending the feelers for a product or service outside of Arizona will prolong their sales life and, as a proud Arizonan business, promote the state as a whole.

Expanding Reach

Expanding the reach of a business will increase the number of potential leads, customers and investors it has and also diversifies them. If a business has reached the level where they may be able to go global – rather than simply expand into California or Nevada, for example – they will not only be opening themselves up to millions of new customers but also the billions of dollars of foreign investment present in the current economy.

The top investors in U.S. businesses are Japan, the United Kingdom and Canada, followed by many European countries, including Germany and the Netherlands. Targeting these nations would be a wise move for encouraging a surge in investment.

Better Prospects

To embrace the better business prospects that operating in multiple states or nations brings, having a reliable 800 service is essential. This will allow US landlines to call the business for enquiries and sales at no cost, even if they are calling from long distances and different states.

Using this improved communications accessibility while sticking to the various states’ business rules and regulations will be the beginning of an exciting expansion. Businesses can build their brand and become a nationally recognizable player by having the courage to exceed the confines of home comforts.

Rising Online Sales

Perhaps the most important reason for reaching further afield is the staggering amount of online sales that are taking place in 2020. Wordstream estimates that e-commerce sales will keep rising while high street retail sales will continue to fall due to a generational change. They believe that as Generation Z – those born between the late 90s and the early 10s – enter the workforce and have increased spending power, they will be spending it online.

An Arizonan company solely operating on a local scale – selling their product or service to the surrounding neighborhood – will be missing out on this monumentally lucrative market. To do so would be an unwise business decision and could risk it being left behind by competitors both near and far.