If you never believed in the past that things are changing, now is a good time to accept it. Present global challenges are making it necessary to work outside the workplace.

In fact, in a recent survey, 74% of the respondents agreed that remote jobs are the new normal.

Working remotely gives you the freedom and allowance to balance work and life. People who work from home tend to have less stress in their family life. This flexibility also helps them enjoy their jobs more.

When people aren’t working in a micro-managed situation, they tend to be more productive. Not to mention, they have more financial fluidity.

These days, the idea of a remote job is more desirable than ever. Check out these lucrative jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Online Marketing Scores High for Those Looking for Remote Jobs

If you’re into all things digital, a job in online marketing might be a lucrative remote start for you. Online marketing covers a variety of career options that are flexible and pay well.

More than ever businesses continue to strengthen their online presence. Doing so requires the expertise of digital wayfarers who know their way about the internet. Some jobs to consider include:

Content Strategist – develops content for companies. This content is strategic to company objectives and their online audience.

SEO, PPC, and SEM Specialist – studies algorithms and helps create content that gets seen.

Email Marketing Specialist – launch creative email campaigns to persuade certain audiences.

These jobs aren’t few and far between. There’s a high demand for digital marketing. Those who choose to do it remotely could fare very well—$100K a year or more.

Accounting and Finance

Most of today’s modern accounting and finance work is computer-based work. No need to waste a seat in an office building when you can crunch numbers at home.

The need for bookkeeping and specialized accounting is a hot market. With 69% of business enterprises migrating business applications to the cloud, there’s no need for file cabinets. Everything, including bookkeeping files, gets stored online.

Expect to find a nice helping of these jobs under support listings. You also have to liberty of setting your pay at $20 to $50 per hour.

Writer and Editor

Writer’s aren’t paid pennies anymore. They make good money and most of their work gets done via freelance remote opportunities. All you need is internet access.

You can secure WiFi for apartment complexes and homes easily these days.

The best part of being a creative writer is you can accept almost any writing gig. Plus you stand to make close to $250 per hour or more.

Double your money by working as an editor as well. Editors polish everything—articles, books, journals, newspapers, and corporate documents.

If they work smart, they have the opportunity to make their income top six figures a year.

Go Remote

Remotes jobs give you financial freedom. Look into opportunities to work for large corporations or yourself.

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