What is one HIPAA compliant cloud service that enables safe sharing and storing of documents?

To help small businesses find secure, HIPAA compliant cloud services, we asked small business owners and business leaders this question for their best insights. From securing forms with LiveHelpNow to sharing with Box.com, there are several tools that may help you share and store documents with a HIPAA compliant cloud service for years to come.

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Here are seven recommendations for HIPAA compliant cloud services that share and store docs: 

  • Send Secure Faxes
  • Share with Box.com
  • House Work in DropBox
  • Use Microsoft Teams
  • Store Files with Tresorit
  • Secure Forms with LiveHelpNow
  • Streamline with Google Apps

7 HIPAA Compliant Cloud Services To Share & Store Docs

Send Secure Faxes

How do healthcare and medical providers ensure they remain HIPAA compliant as patient care finds more and more ways to be conducted digitally and documentation is stored on cloud services? One solution I always recommend for improving their HIPAA compliance is with the iFax app. Healthcare providers can meet HIPAA, GDPR and GLBA compliance requirements when sending and storing patient medical data through iFax with our military-grade encryption standards that keep documentation secure at all times. 

Adam Korbl, iFax


Share with Box

We’ve been using Box.com for about seven years now and it has maintained HIPAA compliance the entire time without one breach. It is one of the easiest and intuitive cloud-sharing platforms I’ve seen. It is also very competitively priced considering the amount of security they provide.

Ben Walker, Transcription Outsourcing, LLC


Utilize Anchor

Anchor is a novel method to ensure that PHI remains safely protected, from both outside and inside threats, no matter where the information is stored or moved.  Data remains secure even when it is in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management Software (PMS) or any other system.


House Work in DropBox

Dropbox Business is HIPAA compliant and very user-friendly. You are able to share all forms of content from Google Docs to images to Excel Sheets. It can easily be housed within Dropbox Business without having to stick with one suite. Dropbox Business also allows for two-step authentication for added protection.

Olivia Young, Conscious Items


Use Microsoft Teams

Using technology in a remote-heavy work environment can make staying HIPAA-compliant a little more difficult. Instead of using the video conference standards of Zoom or Skype, companies have to be cognizant of HIPAA and opt for using an adapted version of Teams to communicate during meetings, as well as sharing documents with one another!

Brandon Brown, Grin


Store Files with Tresorit

In my opinion, Tresorit is a HIPAA-compliant file storage and sharing service. Tresorit enables healthcare workers to collaborate internally and externally. It does this while also protecting protected health information and sensitive patient records.

Eric Rohrback, Hill & Ponton


Secure forms in LiveHelpNow

LiveHelpNow’s HIPAA and PCI compliant Secure Forms tool enables users to create customizable forms to collect any information on the fly. This allows businesses to securely receive and store loan applications, credit card information, medical records, and more. HelpSquad’s team uses this feature daily to safely collect private information from our clients via live chat and email.

Jessica Wise, HelpSquad


Streamline with Google Apps

Google Drive offers a seamless BAA for Google apps for working professionals. Being the most prominent HIPAA compliant cloud service that enables safe sharing and storing of documents, Google Drive covered apps include sheets, slides, docs, and forms. Moreover, the administrative controls consist of top-notch account activity and seamless app activity, including audits, tracking, and file-sharing permissions. 

Caroline Lee, CocoSign



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