The U.S. Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), will be christened on Saturday, November 9, and Honeywell is celebrating the company’s contribution to the ship’s construction. With a workforce of approximately 132,000, Honeywell supplied a variety of systems and solutions including electromechanical valve actuators, inertial measurement units and personal protective equipment.  Honeywell’s next-generation products have enabled automation of many functions on the ship as well as reduced number of parts to be maintained for spares and provisioning, which reduces the overall operating cost. In addition, Honeywell’s personal protective equipment products are contributing to the overall safety of the men and women responsible for protecting our nation.

Ford’s christening marks the accomplishment of years of construction and design and man hours. Honeywell is part of a vital defense industrial base consisting of more than 2,000 small, mid-sized, and large businesses from 46 states that provides parts and services for Ford-class carriers.

Ford is the first new carrier design in 40 years and reflects concepts and technologies matured during 100 years of U.S. Navy carrier operations. The ship will soon take its place in the nation’s carrier fleet, where it will continue the legacy of air power “from the sea” as the cornerstone of U.S. military supremacy around the globe. Ford’s design will enable it to adapt to the ever-changing requirements necessary to support carrier aviation well into the future.

“By providing highly reliable and technologically advanced equipment in a standardized configuration, Honeywell was able to help the Navy lower the number of parts required for maintenance – and ultimately lowering the overall operating costs. Honeywell is proud and honored to stand alongside the many men and women on the Gerald R. Ford who will be depending on our technology and mission-critical equipment in the open seas,” said Mike Madsen, president of Honeywell Aerospace’s Defense & Space.

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