Technology is an ever-changing landscape, and every industry needs to pay attention to. It is not always about having the latest gadgets but instead keeping up with trends that will make an impact on the business. This principle applies to the audiovisual industry where trends come and go and choosing which new technology to adopt is often a delicate decision. Here are the AV trends slated for this year that every company needs to consider.

The evolution of display technology

AV companies provide different types of services to clients, which mostly revolve around bringing to life the visual and audio aspects of presentations, conferences, and other events. Display technology is increasingly becoming sophisticated, and it is essential not to get left behind. Some of the examples include:

• LED walls remain a staple. LED walls have not always been met with enthusiasm in the past. With a few challenges such as brightness and resolution, AV companies like PSP have had to revisit the technology which has since undergone significant improvements. These days, LED walls now have the option to fine-tune the brightness, have higher resolution and can display rich text and images.

• Wow-factor with holographic displays. Holograms may sound too futuristic, but the reality of this technology is happening now. Using advanced projectors allows AV companies to create amazing illusions used in a variety of applications.

• Flat screens are a must in most events. If you have attended a conference, a concert, or any event, you will notice that flat screens are used for displaying information. Instead of conventional printed posters, flat-screens can be interactive as well. What’s excellent about flat screens is that they can augment a presentation in areas where it is inaccessible to use a projector.

Apart from the new technology used in displays, another trend this year is a more creative approach to producing visual presentations. For example, instead of using flat surfaces, high-powered projectors can flash images on the side of buildings, ceilings, and other non-traditional areas of the event venue.

Creative lighting more accessible for event planners

Lighting plays a significant role in audio visual production. In the past, lighting took a backseat to audio and visual projection. But this year, lights are becoming the focal point in setting the desired mood for an event.

LED lighting technology is on the front line of innovation in audio visual production because it is cheaper and more accessible. Apart from using less energy, manufacturers of LED lights are coming up with creative solutions helping AV companies take their displays to a higher level. For example, battery-operated lights may be used to illuminate high places like trees and ceilings.


AV technology is expected to evolve and incorporate new advancements, including virtual reality and augmented reality. As AV companies look for more ways to remain competitive in the industry, there is a heightened need to create a user experience that is more interactive and realistic. High-quality sounds, lights, and visuals are the basic foundations of AV production, but there is so much potential and exciting new trends that will put a new spin on how we experience events.