Like it or not, advertising on Facebook has become essential. Arguably the world’s most influential and impactful digital platform with nearly 2.9 billion monthly active users across the globe, the impacts of major policy changes and privacy updates—like the most recent iOS 14.5 update from Apple—are felt immediately, having a negative impact on brands’ marketing and advertising campaigns.

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Even though the iOS 14.5 update was rolled out in April of this year, our team at Commit Agency has been tracking the potential impact since the beginning of 2021 in an effort to prepare our clients. As the iOS update will continue to have a direct impact on campaign limitations, reporting, targeting and optimization, there are ways for brands like yours to adapt to this change by focusing on these key areas:

Verify Your Domain in Facebook Business Manager

This will prevent any disruption of your website campaigns and enables you to configure the conversion events tracked on your domains.

Choose Your Conversions Carefully

You can now select up to eight conversion events per domain and rank them in order of importance. For users that opt out of tracking, only the highest ranked event will be tracked. For users that opt in, Facebook will track up to eight events.

Prioritize Conversion Campaigns and Ad Sets

Ensure your ad account is within the new limit of nine conversion campaigns with a maximum of five ad sets each. Facebook is establishing these limits to minimize the risk of incorrect campaign optimization and reporting.

Establish Historical and Seasonal Benchmarks

You can evaluate your 1-day click + view, 7-day click + view and full 28-day attribution data to understand how your future reporting may be impacted.

Invest in Customer Lists and Other First-Party Data

As users opt-out of tracking on iOS 14.5 devices, the size of your website custom audiences, including the ability to retarget, may decrease.

Without question, there will continue to be adjustments for agencies and brands as the long-term impacts of this one significant iOS update play out. Even as we talk about 14.5, the industry is abuzz with even more substantial updates in the near future as consumer privacy trends continue to take center stage. At Commit Agency, we already have our focus on what those trends and policies might be and how they could impact our clients’ marketing priorities.

Justin Lee is the Director of Social Media and Content Strategy at Commit Agency, a brand definition, consumer experience and influence agency that believes moments make brands. When brands deliver memorable experiences that truly connect with consumers, conversations take place that in turn amplify brands’ influence.