In today’s day and age, everyone needs to do their bit to make more sustainable decisions. With the amount of single use packaging filling up landfill sites and harming local wildlife, both businesses and consumers need to make small lifestyle changes which contribute to the bigger picture, minimizing environmental impact wherever possible. The number of plastic alternatives and improved business processes available nowadays makes these changes easier than ever, so we delve into some of the main changes that businesses are making to do their bit.

Improving product packaging

Packaging as we used to know it has changed completely, with so many more sustainable options available. For businesses such as retail stores and takeaways, switching single use carrier bags and packaging to more eco-friendly takeaway packaging has a significant impact without compromising on convenience.  Plastic bags are becoming a less common occurrence, with the addition of the carrier bag tax and many businesses switching to recyclable materials that can be easily disposed of in household facilities after use. When it comes to individual product packaging, a level of single use packaging is a necessity to keep the item protected and fresh, but a lot of businesses have developed ways to incorporate more eco-friendly approaches, such as biodegradable materials and plastic alternatives.

Making use of existing materials

Businesses naturally produce a lot of waste due to the high volume of deliveries and outgoings involved. As much as we try to minimize our environmental impact and switch to more ethical procedures, keeping our waste as low as possible can make a huge difference. We’ve seen some great examples of companies using their waste in effective ways, both helping the environment and saving themselves money. Old boxes and cardboard can be torn down using an industrial shredder, using this for packing deliveries safely without the need for bubble wrap or packaging peanuts.

Spreading the word

Businesses have a platform which can be utilized for the greater good, getting their staff, customers and community involved. Many businesses publicly share the steps they are taking to reduce their environmental footprint, highlighting the impact that can be made and continuing to grow as a brand. By training all staff members on the steps that can be taken and any updated processes, everyone can work from the same page and become more aware of how their actions effect the greater picture. On a wider scale, environmental campaigns are a bit hit among the more eco-friendly consumers, with people loving to see brands human side by seeing how they work to minimize their impact.

Look a bit closer to home

As well as the physical elements of a business, brands are beginning to evaluate their emission production. As well as in house processes, the amount of travel emissions and overseas suppliers can have a detrimental effect overall, so we’re seeing a growth in the number of businesses trying to source local suppliers. Finding trustworthy businesses who are on the same page when it comes to environmental commitment will mean strong partnerships can be formed.