How can social media marketing help your hospitality business?

Business News | 5 Oct, 2020 |

Social media is a useful platform for hospitality businesses in London to create brand awareness without losing the connection. The city is also a major business hub that attracts many business travelers and tourists.

Around 30 million visitors from across the world visit London every year. If you plan to leverage social media marketing to market your hospitality business, hire an expert social media agency in London to implement these marketing strategies.

Identify Your Target Audience

Before implementing any social media marketing strategies, you need to get acquainted with your target audience. As per the United Nations report, 20% of international travellers are millennials. Domestic tourism is huge in England, and people in the age group of 16 to 34 took 25.5 million domestic trips.

Millennials are more likely to spend their holidays in large cities like London. Around 10% of millennials visit London for short holiday trips versus 8% to other England towns. Those in younger groups are more likely to book last minute and opt for the online reservation option.

For these reasons, social media marketing plays an essential role in buying decisions. Use the social media platform to create brand awareness and impress your audience even before visiting your hotel in London. The audience preference for a hotel depends on the amenities offered and the hotel location.

To know more about your audience type, you need to dig old data and find out what kind of guests visit your hotel. Does your hotel welcome more business travelers, millennials, or families coming to spend holidays in the city?

Depending on your target audience, you need to make changes to your social media marketing. Your social media agency in London will understand these factors to formulate the best course of action.

If you are planning to attract business travelers, your social media marketing should focus on highlighting the location and amenities like free Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, fitness opportunities, and healthy dining options.

Use Facebook to Promote Your Hotel

According to the latest UK social media usage statistics, around 44.84 million residents in the UK use Facebook. It is the most popular social media platform used by 90.4% millennials and 77.5% of Gen X. It provides you with several opportunities to promote your hospitality business. Here are some ways to use Facebook to boost your brand awareness

Create a business profile

• You need to create a business page on Facebook named under your hotel brand. Use the right profile picture or video to introduce your hotel. Complete the page by adding the address, phone number, website link, category, and description.

• You can post a picture or short videos on your Facebook profile. And you can also post information about discount offers and deals.

Give Your Audience a Glimpse of Your Hotel on Instagram

According to a leading Internet source, the UK has around 26.54 million Instagram users as of June 2020. Out of these, 30.5% of users belong to the age group of 25 to 35.  Instagram is the 2nd most popular social media platform, and hence it should be part of your social media marketing strategy. Everyone knows Instagram is primarily used to share pictures and videos. 

There is an upcoming trend on Instagram to share stories, advertisements, and live videos. You can use popular hashtags like hotels in London, the best places to stay in London, etc. to increase your audience engagement. 

Publish Best Hotel Videos on YouTube

Videos have higher audience engagement in comparison to images and text. You can create a video tour of your hotel to give the audience a glimpse of the luxury amenities. And you can shoot videos of nearby locations and the exterior of the hotel to provide an idea of the location. 

Connect With Influencers in the Hospitality Industry

Find hospitality industry influencers in the UK and try connecting with them. You can offer them attractive deals to stay at your hotel and promote it. Take the maximum number of videos and photos when the influencers are staying at your hotel. You can use this content in social media posts.

Increase Hotel Reviews on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the popular travel websites trusted by millions of travelers. It has around 490 unique million visitors every month. A large number of users check the reviews on the website before booking. Hence, it would help if you established a strong presence on this website by encouraging guests to post reviews on the travel website.

To sum up, social media has become an integral part of our lives. The hospitality industry needs to recognize and utilize its marketing potential.

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