Most of the country remains in their home for the majority of the workweek, but homebuyers are still active during the ongoing pandemic. Consumers are jumping to take advantage of low interest rates, and dwindling inventory in booming areas.

Virtual showroom apps have allowed consumers to buy homes seamlessly from the comfort of home.

Read on to see some key ways virtual showroom apps are changing commerce through the real estate industry, supply chain management, auto sales, and more.

Increasing Inventory Turnover

The economic implications of the ongoing pandemic have driven interest rates into the ground, but social distancing measures have made it trickier for people to complete all of the steps required in a transaction.

From a legal standpoint, e-notary signings and virtual open houses have bridged the gap for Arizonans who are trying to become homeowners during this unprecedented time. The same technology is helping auto buyers obtain fast, low-cost financing from home.

For ecommerce, the widespread use of online storefronts and customer support platforms has given Arizona small business owners a way to reach a much wider audience.

Although COVID-19 has impacted shipping times and increased service costs, there are a vast variety of dropshipping and merchandising resources to support small business owners who are trying to reach a wider consumer base.

Improving the Transaction from Home

Not only have virtual apps made it easier for buyers to shop from home, but digital technology can remove damage-prone mistakes and human error from the process.

Using video to take care of open houses and home walkthroughs puts prospective buyers in the driver’s seat, and gives everyone the ability to take their time as they check out the features of the home.

Helping buyers find and purchase products directly from home has made businesses safer, easier, and more enjoyable for every party in the transaction.

Helping New Owners Through the Process

Buying a home, car, or business might be the largest purchase a person ever makes, and every detail can impact what they’ll expect for the lifecycle of their asset.

Guiding new buyers through the purchase process virtually has taken a ton of stress and headache off the hands of new owners AND new agents on the market.

Not only can fresh owners have extra help when selecting and prospecting their new home, but they can use virtual showroom app to ensure that they’re making the right decisions with:

• 360-product photography

• Interactive virtual displays

• Easily accessible contact information

• Industry best practices and broker FAQs

The key to building a seamless home-buying process often lies in the new owner’s ability to use every resource available to them, every step of the way.

Changes in Supply Chain Management for Business owners

The pandemic has made it more difficult for workers to come together to reach a common goal when it comes to merchandising, sourcing timelines, and shipping. This has driven more brands to opt for local goods and materials to cut down on turnaround times.

Shipping is another factor that has seen a major shift during the ongoing crisis. More business owners are utilizing road and rail-based shipping as opposed to air travel.

Since robots cannot catch diseases, automation is the way to go for business owners who want to keep production levels stable in 2020 and 2021. But, managers are coming up with creative ways to stay productive even with the rapidly changing regulations and industry trends they’re experiencing.

Constant Remote Support

Contrary to standard brokers and in-person support staff, virtual apps give buyers the ability to gain instant remote assistance regarding their new purchase.

As the world continues to move online, consumers have increased the demand for resources that fit in with their existing schedules. Remote support through a virtual mobile app is the best way for buyers to have an easy-to-use platform for seamless communication between brands and consumers.

If you’re thinking about buying a car, owning a home, or starting an enterprise in Arizona, don’t let “finance fear” fool you out of making an investment in your future. Using a virtual showroom program is an effective way for new or seasoned buyers to make educated purchase decisions during the ongoing pandemic.