Even before she started working at Wallace, Plese + Dreher, Allison Lynn Dozbaba knew the company’s culture was what she was seeking. 

Most Influential Women: Allison Lynn Dozbaba, Wallace Plese + Dreher

“Even when I was interviewing, I met several people and you could tell they had passions outside of work,” says Dozbaba, who joined Wallace, Plese + Dreher in 2016 and became a partner in 2019. “They were going to hockey games, making connections outside of work, and I could just feel that they had full lives away from the office.”

That resonated with Dozbaba, who has children at home and has also served in a variety of roles with Treasure House, a Phoenix nonprofit founded by Kurt and Brenda Warner. Treasure House provides an active living community for young adults with cognitive and development disabilities.

“There are not a lot of resources for people with disabilities where they can take care of themselves, but not live completely independently,” Dozbaba says. “It’s so beautiful to meet the people who live there and see how much it’s impacted not just them, but their families. People have moved from other states to access Treasure House because there’s not another facility like this anywhere.”

Dozbaba says her work at Wallace, Plese + Dreher has allowed her to balance having a rewarding career while also having a fulfilling family and personal life.

“Wallace, Plese + Dreher is focused on helping you develop the career and life you want,” says Dozbaba, who is one of Az Business magazine’s Most Influential Women on 2023. “Having a family. Following your passions. Being involved in nonprofits or with your kids’ school or your kids’ sports. We want people to feel like everything matters. With the remote work capabilities. It makes it possible to do more things.”

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