While we are near to closing the first quarter of this year, the speculation and unpredictability game is still going quite strong. There are quite some economic forces that are looking to dominate the global Covid-19 Vaccine supplies and investment markets are still uncertain about the future course of action.

Recent changes in US politics have taken a 360 degrees change in their approach. There are further inflation concerns as oil prices continue to surge due to production cuts by the Oil Producing Countries. Everyone seems to be on the roll to recover their losses faced during the pandemic.

Investors continue to work out optimized solutions for themselves to minimize their losses. Traditional financial markets have not been much welcoming to them so there has been massive makeover towards online investment entities.

Can alternatives prove fruitful for economic recovery?

There are lots of alternatives that have been in the news since then but for sure their long-term viability will be tested now. Check out how innovative marketplaces like Forex have been evolving lately and they continue to show positive charts for quite some time. Demand for cryptocurrencies has also been skyrocketing and Tesla’s initiative to jump into this domain too has caused a massive impact.

Investors are now not much moved to invest in traditional entities like oil and gold as they have become the tools of political players. Modern-era investment demands more control and less volatility due to global political instability. This desire is fulfilled by these sorts of marketplaces where decentralized exchanges are provided and output is determined by real-time trading activities.

Dependency on COVID-19 Vaccines

While we may have observed the practicality of innovative marketplaces and grasped all the new concepts like remote working and investment culture, a vaccine is still needed to remove public fears. Health sectors around the world still have got a long way to go as there is a dire need to ensure that no one remains vulnerable.

Some states in the US are lifting the restrictions on movements but the UK and Europe still continue to suffer big. Virus mutations and their real impact is largely undermined as people can’t survive much with limited economic activities for long. Governments around the world wouldn’t be able to sustain their support and subsidies provided to the general public.

What if volatility persists?

If these circumstances continue for a few more months, there is high speculation that there would be a complete makeshift within the investment markets. Technology-based startups and powerful online marketplaces would be adopted at large and preferred over the traditional ones. The travel and tourism industry has been taking the most hits from this economic crisis. It would be followed up by small to mid-sized businesses that haven’t created an online presence for themselves.

Technology and modern digital solutions have been the viable answer to all this pandemic crisis. Masses are now aware that they need to be proactive rather than reactive to be able to withstand any future global political and health crisis. One thing is for sure with strong established roots of globalization that if one region gets affected, the overall international political economy gets disrupted. This is why a collective global sustainable strategy needs to be implemented.