The pandemic has changed how dealerships do business. Car buyers no longer visit dealerships in-person, they do so virtually. The entire car-buying process can now be completed online.

Auto retailers that want to make profits now and in the future must use unique selling techniques to increase revenue and still adhere to the pandemic regulations. Here are tips car dealers can use to boost sales amid the pandemic.

1. Strengthen Their Digital Marketing Approach

Finding new clients should be your primary goal. Your brand should reach the right audience at the right time. This is the time to recruit a competent and dedicated team to help manage your digital marketing campaigns. Consider outsourcing digital marketing services to a lead generation company or a marketing agency if hiring a sales executive is expensive.

2. Stay in Touch With Clients and Prospects

Reach out to prospects every now and then, even if they previously turned you down. Approach them tactfully so that you don’t become a bother. Be polite and ask if you can include them in your mailing list. Use a soft and friendly tone in your messages. Once you add them to your mailing list, you can email them about special deals and other promotions they might be interested in.

3. Form Strategic Partnerships and Offer Value

Study the climate and form strategic partnerships with the right people. Auto retailers like Toyota of Scranton have formed solid partnerships with other service providers to take services closer to customers. Depending on the market conditions, you can forge relationships with car manufacturers, digital marketing agencies, and parts suppliers. 

4. Showcase Their Disinfection Measures

Customers need to be reassured about their safety. Let them know about the disinfection measures you’ve put in place to keep them and your employees safe. You’ll earn their trust and make them feel more comfortable when coming to your dealership for a test drive. You can also offer to deliver cars to car buyers, especially those who are hesitant to leave their homes. Don’t forget to add a detailed COVID-19 warning sign to your business premises and website.

5. Maximize Geofencing Marketing

The Geofencing software uses GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular data to locate mobile devices within your location–up to a specific range. You can send the devices messages about your services and offers on your products. Geofencing marketing is an effective strategy that can help you target customers whose buying intent is already clear. You can entice them with better offers than your competitor’s, making them choose you over them.

6. Be Active on Social Media

As you work hard to give customers and prospects a memorable experience online, don’t ignore social media. Stay active on social media and monitor what people are saying about your products. Ensure you respond to their queries and concerns on time. Also, Take high-quality videos and images of your cars and share them on your social media accounts. You can consider hiring a social media manager if you get overwhelmed.