We are living in a time of an extremely competitive market. Organizations are striving to improve the processes’ efficiency and eliminate wastage. Lean Six Sigma Green Belts professionals are trained on the Lean Six Sigma methodology. They have the knowledge and expertise for improving the processes while eliminating defects in the organization. The training program is focused on creating a cultural shift that reduces the wastage of resources and time. The methodology has replaced the traditional methods because it comprises tools that can produce almost-perfect results.

How Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification can help you

As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you will have an in-depth understanding of the methodology, enhanced problem-solving skills, and knowledge of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) model. Here is how the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification from industry-recognised institute like KnowledgeHut can help you:

Helps the companies in eliminating defects and errors and reducing risk

When you have acquired the Green Belt certification, you will become an important part of an organization as you will be identifying and eliminating errors. For instance, General Electric implemented the methodology and it saved them $350 million in 1998. Similarly, Motorola allocated $17 billion in savings in 2005. In the same decade, the savings of GE increased more than $1 billion.

Sustaining quality improvement and improving business processes

Once you have completed the green belt certification course, you will be working on analyzing the business and manufacturing processes of the company and implementing steps for improving them. Also, you will be conducting a review of all the current practices in the organization and trying to understand the impact they have on quality performance. The certification will show to your employers that you can help them with the desired level of sustained improvement. You will closely monitor the processes for ensuring that there is no deviation from the men. It will be your responsibility to take measures for reeling in a project that is not on the path.

Valued by different industries

Lean Six Sigma is an industry-agnostic methodology. Its techniques are applicable in aerospace, banking, financial services, marketing, HR, IT, telecom, electronics, and many more. As a Green Belt certified professional, you will have knowledge of several methods that can be used for streamlining business processes, reducing costs, improving employee acceptance, and increasing revenue. All of this can be achieved through Lean Six Sigma methodology, irrespective of the industry you are working in. The certification will help you take on the position of a change agent in the company. Moreover, when you are heading quality improvement, it will strengthen your leadership skills, making you more valuable to the company.

Ensures compliance

Lean Six Sigma methodology demands high-quality standards. This is why several procurers, vendors, and oversight organizations implement the methodology while evaluating accounts or products. As a Green Belt, you will be assisting the organization to comply with the international standards and maintain profitable contracts.

Rise to the managerial positions

After earning your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you will get an in-depth knowledge of how to measure and quantify financial benefits while executing a project. You will have the required financial management and risk assessment skills. These skills are highly-valued by top-level management for managerial positions.

Higher salary

Getting the Green Belt certification is not an easy feat. The exam is difficult to pass. In fact, when you are moving from one belt to another, you have to put in years of hard work. This is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Lean Six Sigma certified professionals are handsomely paid. As per PayScale.com, Six Sigma Green Belt certified professionals can earn about ₹890,469 per year. However, your salary will depend on a number of factors like your skills, experience, location, and the company you are working for.

Hands-on experience working in Quality Management

During the Lean Six Sigma training, you will have an opportunity to get hands-on experience working on industry projects. This will allow you to learn how to implement the theoretical principles into real-life scenarios. Before you join the workforce, you need to gain appreciated experience. The best way to get this is through a training program.

How can Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification help the organization?

Over the years, Lean Six Sigma has helped several organizations earn notable access. As a key part of their business strategy, the methodology has allowed them to save a lot of money. Here are some of the benefits that organizations enjoy using Lean Six Sigma:

Improved productivity

Allen Medical was in need of space for manufacturing their new products. They implemented lean tools and DMAIC methodology for improving the Arm boards’ production rates. Through this new approach, they were able to save 45 seconds per arm board. This increased the production of arm boards from 5.3 in an hour to 6.

Reduced costs

When there is a reduction in defects, it minimizes costs resulting in higher profits and low production costs. If the company fails in creating a quality product, it can cost them a lot.

Boost the confidence of clients in the business

When the company is using Lean Six Sigma methodology for streamlining processes and reducing customer satisfaction, they will be able to increase the client’s confidence. An example of this is when Citibank applied the CFPM or Cross-Functional Process Mapping methodology. Through this, they identified wasteful steps in the processes and corrected them that produced increased levels of customer satisfaction.

Gain stakeholder trust and credibility

Stakeholders and customers trust organizations who hire employees with relevant qualifications. If you have a significant number of Green belt certified professionals working for you, it means that quality is your number one priority. An organization driven quality instills confidence in partners and investors.

So, the importance of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification cannot be overstated. As an individual, it can help you stay employable and competitive in a world that is dwindling with job prospects. As an employer, you can have peace of mind knowing that the production lines are under the leadership of someone who is primarily focused on quality.