Despite numerous automated solutions, 90% of customers still prefer to speak to a live agent. Businesses that plan to retain their customers and grow, are bound to stay in touch with the customers. Remote or outsourced customer support is extremely popular, as it lets cut costs on establishing customer service. Representatives can work from any location and cover different time zones. Outsourcing companies, like SupportYourApp, help businesses provide 24/7 customer service and involve consultants from different regions.

Why Outsource Customer Service?

Trusting your customers’ support to a professional team is in most cases a better option than trying to stretch your own team to perform all kinds of operations. Here are just the main advantages outsource companies can offer.


Establishing in-house customer support means investing major costs into hardware and software, employees, training etc. Outsource companies offer a full stack of high-quality services for a much more reasonable price.

Round-the-clock support

Today’s customers mostly expect businesses to stay in touch 24/7, and those who have this option, get a big advantage over the competitors. And if your customers live in different time zones, this issue becomes crucial. Outsource customer support companies will help you deliver a better customer experience round-the-clock.

Productivity boost

Cooperation with a professional customer support team gives you two main advantages. First, you get a better customer experience. Second, your own employees have a chance to focus on their main tasks, and you can save costs and energy to invest them into business development.

Types of Customer Service

There are two main kinds of services outsource companies usually offer their clients. Each of them resolves different business issues and helps the company to grow in its own way.

Inbound customer service

Consultants at inbound call centers receive customers’ calls. They can provide customer service, process orders, answer and transfer calls. Call center representatives should be good at active listening and problem-solving. Agents at inbound call centers often have to deal with angry or nervous customers, so the main qualities the consultant should have are patience and willingness to assist.

Outbound customer service

At outbound call centers, agents make calls and reach out to potential or existing customers. They can specialize in sales, promotions, or customer surveys. The main purpose of the outbound call center is gaining profit and establishing long-term relationships with customers. An agent that communicates with customers after they make a purchase should always offer proactive assistance. This is the easiest way to improve customers’ experience, gain their loyalty, and encourage them to return.

Final Thoughts

Customer service done properly is an essential and extremely powerful tool for your business. Its goal is to provide a seamless customer experience, helping your business grow and keeping you time and resources to focus on development. The key is to find a reliable partner who will understand and meet your needs the best way.