How remote work benefits employers

Business News | 1 Aug, 2020 |
Remote work is all the rage right now, thanks to COVID-19 or not.

Everybody is talking about how remote work helps employees sort their lives, find more time to do things they always wanted to do & at the same time there are talks of how remote work is wrecking lives of people at the receiving end.

But today, we will see what benefits employers have pertaining to remote work

Benefits of remote work for employers

1. Productivity

Remote work means more productivity, that can be the only answer in this case. Either it will be more productivity or else it will reveal the bottlenecks that are preventing the productivity from flowing in.

In the remote work ecosystem, there is no excuse for coming to work late or being distracted in gossips and chit chat.

This means 100% focused work & achieving the goals as efficiently as possible. In fact, this is the time for lackeys to kick it up a notch or two by focusing on building their skills & catching up with everyone else. Employers can provide for online trainings so as to ensure that.

2. Savings! Savings! And savings!

Work from home means savings from all possible directions. We live in a world where owning a laptop & internet connection are no longer seen or perceived as a luxury, these are necessities.  If Maslow were to have born in 21st Century, I’m sure he would have put WiFi in the bottom of the pyramid of his famous “Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory”

No, but seriously people at large already own these things. A laptop & a WiFi.

A company no longer has to pay for these two things. In an office they do. They have to provide their employees with a laptop/ desktop & an internet connection of which internet expenditure is a recurring expense. Having to incur it every single month.

If that’s enough then think about the savings that can be made in terms of real-estate. Even a medium scale business has to burn a disproportionate amount of money just in real-estate that doesn’t even produce any ROI. Real estate is just for the company’s physical existence and maintaining the workforce. Companies are Using a virtual office to set up business that are self sustaining & reducing the overheads spent of real estate.

By the way this works out for employees too as now they don’t have to burn their money on commuting.

3. Talent pool

Conducting business remotely puts employers in the position where they can attract the best talent in their organization irrespective of geographical limitations.

At times it happens that a potential candidate is quite talented but the equation doesn’t work out because the work office lands on the other end from where the candidate lives.

But now with remote work however, the talent acquisition manager can literally conduct contests nationwide or even across nations to identify the best candidate for the job, work up the deal & have him work for the organization.

This cannot be possible in the absence of remote work. People within the country aren’t willing to migrate to another state due to various understandable reasons.

4. Employee retention

In remote work, it is easier for the employee to justify the results he is producing for the company, his consistency & dedication.

And at the same time, without getting lost in office politics; the employer can easily identify the best performing candidates because everything takes place on digital.

If an employee’s efforts are being acknowledged and he is getting raised accordingly then there’s no reason why he would want to switch.

At the same time, the employee wouldn’t have to quit the company just because he is relocating to some other place. In remote work, you carry your work with you even if you’re going to an island that has internet connection.

5. Stress-free environment for employees

Working from a place that feels like home is great for working & work from a place that IS home is even better. Quite literally so.

At home you’re surrounded by people who are your family people who you are working for. It cultivates a sense of gratitude & keeps you grounded.

Working from home allows you to zoom out every once in a while as the work stress pounces on you, you see around and you realize that you’re at home where you find yourself emotionally & physically safe.

At the workplace there are ways that toxicity can catch up with you, be it of any sort.

6. Higher morale

Remote work promotes higher morale as employees are grateful for all the support they receive to be working from home & the fact that their organization has installed a mechanism that let’s them work from home at ease.

They find themselves grateful for this & as giving back the organization received higher productivity which leads up to higher output.

So, those are my two cents on remote work which seems like a WIN WIN for both employees & employers. Sure the work from home situation can seem daunting if you’re not accustomed to it, but it gets better with time. It’s all about perspective.

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