Risks in a business are inevitable, but there are several ways that you can take control of your bottom line by considering the small, impactful details of your manufacturing line. The quality of smaller items like seals can make a considerable difference to your business’ overall revenue.

By taking a long hard look at your o-ring, piston, rotary and oil suppliers, you can instead invest in quality products that eliminate devastating interruptions. Many industries are needing reliable rubber products and seals in their manufacturing to protect their production line and earnings.

Ways Your Seal Choice Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Seals come in many shapes, sizes, sealing pressure and temperature or chemical compatibility. Countless industries around the world may use low-cost rubber seals in static or dynamic applications. Examples of initiatives include automotive, pharmaceutical, dentistry, medical devices, mills and even aerospace industries.

Opting for a low-cost seal vendor may seem to be a great idea when you’re concerned about spending, but the impact can be lasting. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider local secondary sources as a way to benefit your supply chain:

The Cost Ripple

Replacing machinery is costly. Stops due to machinery failure can be expensive in industrial manufacturing. Not only do the repairs costs add up, but lost time and production setbacks can also affect the company’s bottom line.

While unexpected costs come up from time to time, finding the faulty part — in this case, the rubber seal — and replacing your stock with a better and more robust product will save on replacement costs, staff time and the cost ripple that can impact unsatisfied customers.

Efficiency and Safety of Top-Quality Components

Seals of higher quality are less prone to deforming, erosion, premature wear and incompatibility. By buying reliable and efficient seals, you protect the bottom line and avoid additional purchases and costly errors.

The list of seal materials is lengthy. Each material is selected for its unique purpose. The industry it’s intended for may be subjected to extreme temperatures, abrasion, movement, pressures, chemical attack and vibration. Should the seal be incorrectly selected, installed or of poor quality, all sorts of nightmarish situations can occur.

Installation damage, spiral failure, explosive decompression and some other common seal failure issues are mostly avoidable.

Reliability With A Consistent Supplier

Restrictions or delays on international shipping are unpredictable possibilities. So is the cost of shipping and hidden tariffs. You also cannot be guaranteed the quality of the bulk order you’ve made to save a few dollars. Complaints, refunds and returns are another headache you may need to tackle should you be unsatisfied with the final delivery of a corrupt supplier.

By shopping with local sources, these problems are hardly a concern. As a result, your supply chain flows, and your bottom line is protected. You can also more easily speak to the supplier to make sure their rubber products meet high standards.

Choose Your Supplier Wisely

There are many suppliers out there for rubber seals. By choosing a local supplier that has integrity and provides high-quality seals, you will not only keep your supply chain intact but improve it. Best yet, a good local supplier can often provide custom, bulk orders with shorter lead times, reduced costs and reliable supplies.

The seal components you buy for industrial manufacturing are an investment into a stable bottom line.