Even if you’ve been maintaining marketing campaigns for your business for years, there’s a good chance that you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the world of video marketing. Compared to more traditional forms of print media and even social media content creation, it’s a complicated and frequently expensive alternative. But there’s a simple reason that video continues to dominate the marketing landscape: it’s one of the most effective methods for conveying your message to a customer. Here are some fast facts that can provide clarity about the advantages of video marketing.

It Gets You Conversion

Raw visitor numbers are a poor metric of how successful your marketing campaign is. After all, if you get a few thousand visitors but only a few sales, you should probably be concerned about your marketing campaign, your product or service, or both. Video content does a great job of drawing in viewers, but it also does an exceptional job of turning those viewers into customers. Putting a video on your landing page can raise your conversion rate by as much as 80%. That’s a dramatic shift that outperforms any other form of marketing content available today.

Google Prefers It, Too

Google is such a ubiquitous presence in most of our lives that it can be hard to know when the search engine’s policies are defining our habits and when Google’s standards are adjusted for customer demand. In either case, Google searches prioritize video content, and Google continues to serve as the most consistent gatekeeper between businesses and prospective customers. And no matter how the decision was made, this approach that prioritizes video demonstrates impressive returns. On average, users spend almost double as much time on landing pages with video as they would on pages without.

The Return on Investment is Impressive

All the statistics in the world don’t mean much if they don’t show up as black on your regular financial records. Fortunately, the impact of video marketing on ROI is actually pretty strong. In other words, while you may have to spend more upfront for a video marketing campaign, you can expect an ROI that scales to that greater level of investment. But the most promising part is that ROI is only likely to grow. As video editing tools become cheaper and serious video editing skills become more common, the barrier to entry for video marketing will only shrink – and the ROI will only grow in response.

It’s Great For Building a Brand

Having a great product or service isn’t always enough anymore. With so many different competitors in practically every sector, you need to create an identity that sets you apart from the competition and endears you to your customers. Marketing is increasingly a viral and social media-driven field, and video is the most directly social content around. It allows you to show off the personality of your company and speak directly to your customers, figuratively and sometimes literally eye-to-eye with them. The great thing about videos is that they don’t need to be perfectly and professionally polished. It’s a form of marketing media where authenticity shines through – and is treated as a luxury.

It Spreads Like Wildfire

Modern marketing largely comes down to letting the tools you have work for you – and there’s no better tool than social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Videos make users more engaged, and direct engagement with the brand increases the chance that they’ll spread your content on their own walls.

Video marketing isn’t going to make you an overnight success, but it can definitely help your business. And as it becomes more accessible, it’s going to become a practical necessity for a wide variety of different businesses. There’s no better time to test out video marketing and start developing both your skills and your brand.