Many organizations are turning to managed services to fulfill unique IT requirements in today’s technology-driven era. However, identifying which Azure service would be the best for building and running software applications instantly is a tough nut to crack. Yes, consulting a top-rated provider could be a wise decision as far as business growth is concerned.

However, it begs the question, ‘Is identifying the right MSP an easy task?’

Well, it is not because so many service providers are present in the market claiming to be the best. This makes it difficult to pick the one with complete trust.

Don’t worry, I have written this article and made sure that it has all the details you probably need to choose the right IT partner. Let’s check all the key points:

Key Point 1: Knowledge and Proficiency In Microsoft Azure

Before handing off your Azure management to someone else, make sure they are immensely knowledgeable and proficient. Experience in delivering IT-managed services matters a lot, and so many case studies available on the internet can verify how much outcomes rely on experience in the business world.

Therefore, look for certifications and qualifications like Gold Microsoft Partner or Azure Expert MSP to gauge the experience your potential partner is claiming to have. Moreover, this will confirm that the managed service provider has undergone top-to-toe audits and training to meet Microsoft’s standards.

Key Point 2: One-stop Support For All Clouds

Don’t contact MSP unless you are absolutely sure that the IT-managed team has strong relationships with leading cloud merchants. Also, ensure that the approached partner offering Azure Migration Services is capable enough to help you manage and operate multiple cloud models and vendors.

In addition, the MSP is fluent in optimizing Azure to meet your business goals and necessities.

Key Point 3: Round-the-clock Availability

The factor that makes top Microsoft Azure IT migration service providers trustworthy compared to other vendors is their 24×7 availability and capability to deliver cost-effective support. Thus, look for a provider with the same quality because it will help run business applications smoothly.

What’s more, constant monitoring and managing enhances the existing operations of your IT projects based on Microsoft Azure. Therefore, always approach an MSP that can do an end-to-end audit, evaluation, and implementation of your business applications.

Key Point 4: The Total Outstanding Costs

The total cost that needs to be spent is a major factor you should consider before finalizing an MSP. In general, an MSP proffers a wide range of Azure Migration Services at a reasonable cost. Some provide attractive discounts so that clients can establish long-term commitments.

Therefore, ensure the IT-managed partner you have approached for your Azure application is not demanding too much money. In case you can push your budget a bit, I suggest you go ahead because the right partner will help you have the best experience.

Otherwise, contact the one who can offer services within your budget.

Key Point 5: Service Catalog

Look at the service catalog that your shortlisted Azure MSP is offering. Do not take this for granted because you can understand where your approached service provider stands compared to other contenders.

Besides examining the service catalog of the contacted MSP, there are some questions that you should ask to gain a better understanding of the service provider and make the best call for your business.

• What is the partner status of the Azure Migration service provider with Microsoft?

• Can we work with a dedicated Microsoft Azure account manager?

• Can we get end-to-end technical support at the doorstep?

• Do you have plans for businesses of all sizes?

• What plans do you have to make further improvements?

Answers to these questions will help you make the final decision in the pursuit of selecting the best Azure Managed Service Provider.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best Microsoft Azure Managed Services from a reputed provider is the first step to wholly embracing the cloud. If the right partner can unlock the path to success, the wrong one can bring your business to its end.

With the help of this article, I’ve tried to explain what you should keep in mind when the right partner for your business. If budget is not an issue, I suggest joining hands with the market-leading service provider, as there’s a likelihood that it can fit the bill quickly.