Part of creating a successful marketing campaign in this day and age is ensuring that your email marketing is on point.

Creating a successful email marketing campaign is crucial for your lead flow and by generating leads through emails you can gain a higher level of sales for your business.

But how do you make a successful email marketing campaign? There are many different ways to create an engaging and fun email campaign that gets results, but today we are going to share just a few of the tips we have to get you started.

Use a real name

When sending an email campaign out to many recipients it might be tempting to end the email with something along the lines of ‘from [business name]’ however this is not personal and can actually put people off replying or engaging. By instead of using a phrase such as ‘from the [business name] marketing team’ or an actual name of one of your employees it will engage people and they will find your business to be more accessible.

Use your subject line

The creation of an email campaign will mostly focus on the content within your email – however, if you don’t have a good subject line in the first place no one will want to open the email and see what’s inside. This is why you should create a short and sweet subject line that pulls the customer in and makes them want to find out more.

Add CTA buttons

When writing an email campaign that is inviting the customer to do something such as visit your website or buy a product, you need to add buttons taking your customers to this page. If you don’t add CTA, or call to action buttons to your email no one will click through and get to your chosen destination. When you do this make sure you also add UTM tracking codes to the links so you know where the visitor has come from and therefore can measure the success of your campaign.

Add follow-up emails

One thing you can do as an email marketer is create an email flow that will send a certain number of emails to your customers depending on their past interactions with the email. For example – an initial email can be sent to your recipients and those who open it can be sent another, more forward email talking about your product. Those who don’t open the email can resent the first email once more and if they still don’t interact, they will leave the email flow. Those who interact with your second email can be sent more emails up to a point where you have gained as many leads as you can.

This technique can sound a little complicated at first but once you get the hang of it it will be a useful way for you to engage and gain leads from your customers.

Use these different ideas to help create a great email marketing campaign this year.